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Storing your 16-inch hair wigs

We all buy wigs in a frenzy because they are our favorite way to look cute, glamorous, and elegant at the same time. But there is just one problem that comes with having wigs in general, how to store the wigs? Be it 16-inch hair-length wigs or a certain style in a wig, the tips that we bring you for storing wigs are the ultimate answer to your confusion about wig storage. 

What to do if you own a wig head?

It is undeniable that the wig head is ideal for storing wigs. Apart from making your wig visible to everyone, the wig head keeps your wig in perfect style. The wig head is usually placed on the dresser for easy access to the wig. Plus, you can save time picking up your wig and putting it on your head.

What to do in case you don’t have a wig head?

Keep your wig in your closet: 

A cheap and accessible solution is to keep your wig in your closet. Simply fold it and place it in a clean place in the closet. Make sure the wig in the closet is not connected to any other belongings. Also, make sure the area is cool and dry before placing the wig. You can also use airtight bags, first store the 16-inch hair wig in there and then place it in the closet. 

Use a hairnet: 

The same hairnet that a mother or grandmother wears on a knot can be the storage partner for the wig. Whether it's your HD lace wig or 16-inch hair length wig, they all remain perfectly styled with a hairnet. So if you find a hairnet to put your wig in, don't hesitate. You can then follow any of the above methods and store your wig without worrying about ruining it stylishly.

Use the original packaging: 

The best storage solution is in the box and packing material that the company used to pack the wig. These boxes are specially designed to protect your wig until it arrives. Therefore, it is best to pack with the same material.

Use an airtight bag:

An airtight bag will keep out moisture from reaching your wigs. Moisture can adversely affect your wig as it can, just like sunlight, weaken the fibers and fade the color. Moreover, an airtight bag will also protect your wig from dirt, germs, and other airborne dangerous particles that could cost you your lovely wig.