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Taking care of your favorite 16-inch wigs

You have gathered a collection of your favorite wigs and you love wearing them every day. And since you love them so much, you also want to take care of every one of them, including the 16-inch wig and the braided headband wig. Now the question arises: how do you take care of these wigs? The answer is right down below!

Clean your wig:

If your head gets dirty, you won't fall asleep, therefore if your wig is dirty, don't use it and clean it. 16-inch wigs and other human hair wigs, like other human hair, trap dirt, oil, and other bacteria when worn outdoors. Therefore, you should shampoo and wash them properly. Let the wig air dry before considering storage. be careful!

Fold your wig when not in use:

How to fold a wig depends on the length of the human hair wig. For long wigs like 16-inch wigs: Fold it inside out first. Then fold it in half and wrap the wig fibers around itself.

For short wigs: First, fold the wig outwards, then fold it in half. When folding, be careful not to pull the fibers of the wig too hard, and be careful of all of your wigs when dealing with them.

Comb your wig:

After the wig has been air dried, it needs to be combed enough to remove the tangles. Use a wide comb for this. If you skip this step, the wig will get very entangled when you remove it from storage. Just like your hair gets tangled when you wake up in the morning after not brushing them the night before. The brushing will keep your wigs in good health. This tip is especially important for longer-length wigs like 16-inch wigs as they are more likely to get tangled. 

Protect them from sunlight:

Sunlight can affect your wig negatively. It can be a major factor in fading the color of your wig. In addition, sunlight can destroy wigs in the sense that they weaken the fibers of the hair and weaken the wig. Therefore, keep your wigs away from direct exposure to sunlight when you are not wearing them if you want to use them for longer.

By following these 4 steps, you can take the best care of any type of wig you own be it a 16-inch wig or a colored, braided wig. And they are very easy to follow, so dont skip them!