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BEAUTY FOREVER virgin hair 3 bundles deals

There are various hair types for virgin hair 3 bundle deals: straight, wavy, curly. BeautyForever virgin hair bundles can be dyed, straightened, curled and you can wash it with a mild shampoo about 1-2 times a month, and let air-dry. You can use it for about 12-18 months with proper care.

Why Buy Hair in Bulk

As you might have noticed, hair extensions are sold in bundles. Though you may think you only need one bundle for each time you extend your hair, this isn't necessarily true. What most experts recommend is 3 to 4 bundles of hair for a full sew-in extension.

Features of Virgin Hair 3 Bundle Deals

♥ 100% Virgin human hair.

♥ Can be cut, colored, flat ironed and curled.

♥ Last from 6 months to 1 year depending on care.

♥ No shedding or matting.

♥ No synthetic mix.

Beauty Forever virgin hair weave gives about 100g per bundle for customers. Usually, you can choose 3-4 bundles according to your head size and the effect you prefer and it will give you a very thick and fabulous hair look. Compared to buy hair bundle one piece a time, you will find 3 bundle deals virgin hair is much cheaper and give you the same virgin quality. What's more, you will need 3 bundles of hair to create a full sew in hair weave.

At beautyforever.com, our virgin hair bundles come in a variety of different lengths, allowing you to choose from casual shoulder-length hair to dramatic waist-length hair. In addition to the various lengths, the bundles are grouped together in sequential order. When installed, this gives the hair weave a more natural layered look, representing how the hair grows naturally from the scalp. By choosing one of the pre-matched bundle deals, it reduces the stress of choosing the correct lengths and simplifies the buying process.