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How To Earn Points?

  • 1.Personal Consumption

    You’ll earn 1 point for 1 dollars spent on your purchase. (less than USD 1 is not included).

  • 2.Sign Up

    You can get 100 points for signing up the account of beautyforever.com. Get Extra 500 Free Points By Register On Thursday And Friday.

  • 3.Log In

    Get 500 Free Points By Log In On Thursday And Friday.

  • 4.Reward share

    Share Product To Get 50 Points/Day.

  • 5.Reward review

    Submitting your review on the products you bought will earn 100 points.

  • 6.Reward add to cart

    Add your favorite products to cart will earn 50 points,and you can earn up to 200 points in one day.

  • 7.Reward browsing time

    Browsing time on the website is greater than 2 minutes will earn 20 points.

  • 8.Reward browsing page

    Browse the event page of the beautyforever.com will earn 10 points.

  • 9.Browsing Products Reward

    Browse beautyforever.com best-selling products will earn 10 points.

  • 10.Reward wish list

    Add your favorite products to your wish list will earn 20 points,and you can earn up to 100 points in one day.

Log into your account and enter points page. There are many games for earning points, such as Lucky Draw.

How to use beautyforever points?

  1. When you enter “firecheckout”page in the login state,a prompt box of points will appear on the right side of the page, please enter your points in the box,click “Apply”

  2. The amount of points that can be used for each order is 3% of the order amount.

  3. You can use no more than 1000 points each order.

  4. If you cancel your order or return goods, then you can not get the corresponding points.

Points Usage Rules

  1. During the use of points, no change, no cash, no invoices, and no transfer to other accounts are allowed.

  2. Use points for redemption. Once the redemption application is submitted, it cannot be canceled (except for special circumstances such as gift shortages).

  3. If the refund of goods is returned due to the shortage of beautyforever, etc., the deducted points will be returned to the user's account. If the refund of goods is returned due to the user's personal reasons, the deducted points will not be refunded.

  4. There is a limit on the number of points for redemption of goods, while redemption ends.

  5. Points redemption standards and rules are based on the standards of individual items, and no redemption is allowed after the deadline.

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