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Tips Before You Buy Beauty Supply Store Wigs

The easiest way of changing your hairdo is by constantly changing wigs and trying out something new every day! Although beauty supply store wigs might a little cheap, but they don’t always look the best or as natural as you’d like.

So, here are tips on how you can make your beauty supply store wigs look more natural because not everyone has a hairstylist on call who can turn your beauty salon wig into a masterpiece, so we’ve got to try it ourselves!

Try It on Before You Buy It

You made the trip to visit the beauty supply store instead of ordering it online, so, you better make sure that it’s the right size for you and looks good on your head! Many wigs look beautiful on display, but when you wear them, they paint a rather unpleasant picture.
You might end up not liking the color on you or the way it fits, so the best way to buy a wig is to try it on first and buy the best one on the market.

Cut as Close to the Faux Hairline as Possible

If you’ve decided to go a little professional and bought a lace frontal wig, not cutting the lace as close to the hairline as you can, will only make the lace stand out against your hairline and skin tone. This is why you need to grab a pair of sharp scissors and accurately cut the lace according to your head.

Add Baby Hair by Cutting the Front Hair

If you want to further make it look natural, you can perform this additional step. Grab the front-most hair and cut about an inch, making them into the baby hairs that frame your face and solidify the natural illusion of the wig hairline.

Pluck Out the Parting of the Beauty Supply Store Wigs

When you take out a fresh wig, you'll notice that it has a very thin parting, which makes the wig look quite unnatural when it is on your head. To cement the illusion, you can use a pair of tweezers and pluck some hair out of the parting to make it wider.

Blend the Part with Your Forehead

Use some concealer or foundation to blend the hairline of the wig and your forehead. Your forehead might mismatch the complexion of your wig; it has a gradual difference so ensure you put that in.

At Beautyforever, we have the best wigs available in the market, so why go for Beauty Supply Store Wigs, when you can get the natural-looking ones right here at a reasonable price!