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How to Apply and Style Big Curly Wigs

There's nothing more beautiful than a mane of deep curly hair atop your head. Although they look breath-taking, when you're applying big curly wigs, it can be a hassle, and taking care of it is a little complicated.

Let us tell you the step-by-step process of efficiently installing big curly wigs on your head!

Big Curly Wigs Application

Let's start from the beginning; when you bring your wig home, leave it out in the air to get any smell out. After that, it’s time to place the wig on your head.

First of all, flatten your own hair as much as you can. No matter how long or short hair you have, you need to make it flat with your scalp and tie it. It’s much easier to do with small hair in comparison to long hair. For longer hair, you can tie cornrows on your head to flatten it down nicely. These measures are necessary or your wig may keep slipping off of untied hair.

The second part of the job is to wear a wig cap. You can glue it down if you want to stop the wig from moving for a long time. After that, it’s time for your big curly wigs to be installed on your head! Place the wig on your head, adjust its position and then fix its size according to your head by using the strap given behind the wig. Then, if your wig has a lace front, you should glue it to your forehead, making it stick for good.

You can carefully cut the additional lace and then comb and style the big curly wigs and you're good to go!

Styling a Big Curly Wigs

Deep curly wigs always look beautiful, however, styling them is a little difficult. According to your face structure and skin tone, there are different things that you can try.

Choose The Right Haircut

Selecting the right haircut is vital to deep curls. When you don’t choose the right one that goes with your face cut, your curls can look ridiculous, but, if you’ve selected the best one then it can enhance your beauty tenfold!

Go for a Different Color

Another way you can style your big curly wigs is to try many new colors. Nothing can make you stand out more than a unique color on your hair! So, why miss a chance to turn heads?

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