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The Rise of Black Owned Wig Companies

Hair wigs have been on the rise since the hair culture industry got taken over by the African-American people. Not only have there been advancements in the types and textures of wigs but the dark hairs have opened up a whole new level of hair care and products. There are many renowned black-owned wig companies that offer you hair wigs, weaves, extensions, and all sorts of wig services that you might require to make your hair look flawless all year round!

Some highly appreciated black-owned wig companies include Beautyforever Hair Store and Hurela Hair. So, after years of frustration over no hair industry dealing with the darker version of hair, these companies have seen a large amount of audience willing to invest in their products that cater to the black hair of African Americans.

Black Owned Wig Companies at Beautyforever

At Beautyforever, you will find hair wigs and extensions suited for everyone’s needs. Not only do we have light shades of hair wigs, but we have hair wigs and extensions that are made by black-owned companies for black-haired people. Let's get to styling these dark beauties!

Styling Dark Hair in Many Ways!

Putting in different styles in dark hair looks a little useless sometimes as your hair is so dark that the hairstyle isn't quite visible; mostly when it’s a half up-do. So, what styles can you do on your dark hairs that make you stand out?

Get Some Visible Curls

If you have straight hair that you find boring and unable to style, you can get them curled for your event and make yourself stand out by sporting a whole new look. If you don’t want to use heat on your natural hair, you can get the best dark wigs and try your hand at different styles.

Add in Some Cornrows

Cornrows are quite famous among black women. If you don’t want to try them in your natural hairs, you can give cornrowed wigs manufactured by black-owned wig companies a chance to make you feel special with traditional black hairstyles!

Let's Dye Them a Little Lighter or Give You a Balayage

Want to do something out of the ordinary? Let's dye your dark hair a different color and or shades of many colors into a balayage. Not only will you look beautiful, but you'll have a completely new hairstyle!

At Beautyforever, we have all hair wigs created by black-owned wig companies available, so, take your pick now!