Get to know these trending hair colors for 2019 that you might find interesting to try. 1. Flamboyage. This is really an exciting hair color from the name itself. Flamboyage combines a balayage hairstyle and ombre having strips of color throughout the hair. The hair color is inspired by a lived-in and natural look that brightens your face. 2. Watermelon. Watermelon could be your favorite summer fruit that feeds your stomach. But did you know that it is a hair trend for 2019? With the combination of sweet pinks and vivid greens, you can have a daring look that will attract anyone. Your watermelon hair is good enough to quench thirst. 3. Nude Hair Neutral hair colors invite balance in your face. A nude hair welcomes both cool and warm tones as it flatters any skin tone. Not only that it is easy to wear, but it also refreshing to look at. 4. Rose Gold Rose Gold is a combination of a pink-tinted blonde and ethereal shade. You would see this worn by the most celebrity such as Emma Roberts. It radiant look will light up your face without the need to wear makeup. 5. Snowlights By combining “highlights” and “snowlights” comes the birth of snow lights. It has shimmering strips of pale blonde that looks like snow. 6. Color Bleed Hair If you want to get a fresh new look at work, you may try this fanciful hair color that looks great in pretty curls, braids, blown out and all other hairstyles. This is also perfect for uncombed look. 7. Buttery Blonde The buttery blonde look on hair has finally set its spot in the most trending hair color in 2016. This comes with the warm blonde that looks the same as buttery beige only that it is less icy. 8. Cinnamon Swirl Hair The combination of brown sugary shades and honey shades gave birth to cinnamon swirl hair. This is really a dynamic bronze look that is pretty enough to wear. For those who are looking for the best fitting hair color, this the versatile type that you must try. 9. Cuivre Red You might have seen women with copper-like hair color. Well, this is what we call the “cuivre red” that reflects an intense shade of copper. Get shiny and glimmering with this hair color. 10. Ecaille Blend Also called tortoiseshell, this one fits to those with thin hair. This is because ecaille blend adds more volume and dimension to your hair. It creates movement through the hair. For hair-conscious individuals, these hair colors can boost the life of your hair, enhancing your overall looks. Get updated with the latest trends in fashion by getting a hair color that fits you.