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1b Hair Color VS 2 Hair Color, Which Is Better?

When you are picking your favorite human hair wigs, what is the most important factor that influences you? Trendy hairstyles? The length of hair? Or glamorous hair color? There is no doubt that natural black color is the top choice for most people as it brings a real look of our own hair.

But there are two similar black hair colors: 1b hair color and 2 hair color, which are common on wigs. Do you know the differences between 1b hair color and 2 hair color? Let us delve into this together and find out which is the better option.


1. What is 1b hair color?

1b hair color

According to the hair color chart, 1# is the first hair color, pure black or Atreus. B represents yellow. 1b hair color adds a bit of yellow tint, so that is a little lighter than 1# hair color. For natural hair color, it is difficult to appear 1# but always 1b hair color.

In general, 1# is just a color standard, and 1b is the closest color to pure black.


2. What is 2# hair color?

2 hair color

Compare to 1b hair color, #2 hair color is browner than it. In fact, 2 hair color is the darkest brown one, which ranks third on the hair color chart, next to the first two colors.

You could not see the obvious difference between 1b hair color and 2 hair color from a long distance. In the sunlight, it is possible to observe the brown hue on the #2 color hair.


3. What is the difference between 1B hair color and 2 hair color?


    differences of black colors

1. Dyed or not. 1B human hair is virgin human hair because 1b hair color can not be hued and usually unprocessed. It appears a natural color, healthy and glossy. 2# hair is usually dyed a natural black color to synthetic wigs.

2. A darker one and a lighter one. 1B hair color is darker than 2 hair color. It is off-black, with no grey or brown hairs intermixed. But, if you do not put them altogether, you will not find any difference in visuals in a short time.

3. 1B hair color shows a various color spectrum, but 2 hair color does not. As The word mentioned before, hair color 1b has a yellow color tint, due to the uneven distribution of natural hair color molecules. Hair color 2 tends to be black.


4. Hair color 1b vs 2, which one is better?


To be honest, this is not a certain answer. Which one is the better option only depends on your desired look, your complexion, your natural hair color, or patterns of curls.

Your desired hair look. 1b hair color is unprocessed hair color, the biggest advantage of it is natural. If you pursue a real appearance, hair color 1b is the right one. Remember: only virgin human hair wigs can achieve this color effect. Beautyforever natural black body wave lace front wigs fill all your expectations. If you love the gloss of colored hair, then pick 2 hair color.

 blonde lace front wigs with highlights


Match your complexion. Most African women have brown skin tones, in this condition, 2 hair color blends with our complexion well. Choose the darker one once your complexion is darker than chocolate brown, 1b hair color suits your skin tone mostly.

In line with your natural hair color. Hair extensions help to make big braids and add hair volume and play a good role in styling hair. The same hair color harmonizes the entire look. Buy pieces of 1b hair and 2# hair, and find a similar one to your hair color. If your hair is fairly black, 1B hair color is the color you should pick. If your hair looks black with a hint of brown, 2 is your best option.


5. Beautyforever Realistic Natural Black13×4 Lace Front Wig Kinky Curly 150% Density Human Hair Wigs


 blonde lace front wigs with highlights


Beautyforever 1b natural black body wave glueless wigs are convenient virgin human hair wigs that used top-quality hair material, focusing on providing good hair products. As the top-sale kinky curly wigs, 1b 13×4 HD Lace Wigs look very natural, no one would doubt the authenticity of the wig.

Thanks to virgin hair materials, 1b 13×4 HD Lace Wigs will not fade and tinge your clothes anymore. The bad scene that hair mars your loved white dress and leaves a stain on your shoulders never happens.

What is more, 1b 13×4 HD Lace Wigs are low-maintenance hair, which means it only needs less effort as taking care of human hair wigs. Unlike colored wigs, they keep glossy hair color for a long time. Just treat and care for this virgin human hair as you do for your natural hair.

To offer better hair service, Beautyforever catches the carriage of hair trend and update fashionable hairstyles frequently. Whether you love natural black hair or not, you could find a satisfactory one among thousands of hair products and get it at an affordable price.


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