Body Wave Hair Weave

It is a sexy hair style. Most celebrities like Megan Good like this style when they are attending some important events. Our Brazilian Body Wave Virgin Hair Weave is easy to be applied and does not need too much maintenance. The hair is a good wasy to look fabulous. Body wave hair has a beautiful wave pattern that blends with medium and course textures. The wave pattern tends to hold up well in any condition.

Deep Wave Hair Weaves

Rhianna loves to wear deep wave hair style, these locks looks luscious. Our Brazilian Deep Wave Virgin Hair Weave gives a full healthy appearance with a lot sheen.

Jerry Curly Hair  Weaves

Jerry curly looks great if you wear it right and it is a playfull kick of personality. Jerry curly hair weave is a perfect hairstyle for you to show personality and embrace the most natural look. Whatever curly weave you choose, you will be looking sexy with these waves. Whether you're tired of your current hairstyle or want to add some lustrous length to your short locks, a weave is a practical option. The curls of Jerry curly hold very well without the need for additional curling products or holding sprays.