What Are Hair Wigs?


A wig is a head or hair accessory made from human hair fiber. It is an artificial cover on head to hide baldness or thinned hair partially or fully. They can be worn solely for cosmetic purposes or enhance beauty. Wig wearing is nice way to give yourself a makeover without permanent changes to your natural hair. A pool of varieties can always be explored at the site of Beutyforever.


What Are The Advantages Of Wearing Wigs?


1.  The human hair wigs are good way to hide hair problems like hair thinning, baldness etc and help you boost the confidence level.


2. The hair wigs are available in different types and forms help you change your look just like that and that too without permanent change. This allows taking control of all your appearance.


3. The wigs like headband wigs are quick to install and hence save your time spent on performing hair routine. The maintenance required is low as compared to daily hair care. This bonus time you get can be utilized to fulfill your hobbies.


4. Wearing wig is a rich and fun experience. You can always combine your Halloween dress or party costume with a nice wig to add that X factor to you.


5. The human hair wigs are very natural way to protect your hair from daily wear and tear as after wearing wig the natural hairs are hidden under them and hence protected.  Not only hair the wigs can also be protective towards your wallet as they minimize your regular salon visit.


human hair wigs for women

How To Choose Right Wigs For You?


This involves few steps as follow:


1. The very first and crucial step involved in is the selection of wig color. It is always advisable to choose wigs color which is nearby to your original hair color. Whenever you get used to wearing and carry wig normally you can do many experiments in color and types of wigs as you want.


2. Know the size of your head. Measure the circumference of your head by measuring the size front hairline to behind ear, around the back of neck to another ear and then again to front of ear. Record these measurements and present to store or use while shopping online. Your hairstylist will be of great help to you in the task.


3. Try to buy human hair wigs than synthetic ones. Although synthetic hairs are cheaper than human hairs they may pose hair problems in the future. Therefore try to select a good quality human hair wig.


To get more guidance on the selection of wig always feels free to contact 24 x 7 available Beutyforever professionals.


What Are The Different Wigs I Shall Choose From?


There are many types of wigs available in markets such as headband wigs, U part wig, bob wigs, curly hair wigs, lace part wigs, closures and frontals. Each of wig type is having its unique characteristics and method of installation. Different types of wigs can be used on different occasions. Like if you have short hair then a short hair bob is for you. For todays busy woman fast installing headband wigs are there. If you are in quiet hurry and not getting ample of time for your hairdo then quick weave wigs should be your choice. For wigs to be used long term of 4-6 months, sew-in weaves always come handy. Also all the products are available with wide size range and number of bundles. You can avail a up to 44% flat discount on all these wigs from Beutyforever hair Halloween big sale. Get to know about your coupon code.


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Some FAQ’s About Wigs


1. Will I able to get wigs of my head size?


Choosing the proper size is the first and foremost step in selection of wigs. A help from wig user friend or your hairstylist will be good choice. You can measure the circumference of head and select wigs accordingly from different sizes available.


2. Wearing wig can be easily identified by other people?

Newer wig fashion makes it absolutely difficult for third person to differentiate between wigs and natural hair. As these wigs which are made from natural hair look exactly like original hair if installed in a proper way.


3. Do wearing wigs will damage my original hair?


No. In fact wig properly installed works as a protective shield to natural hairs. As natural hairs are hidden under wig they are absolutely safe from daily wear and tear.


4. Will my wig blown off in wind or during swimming or upon bending?


A wig of proper head size and installed neatly will never fall off until and unless user takes it off. Most of the time they are fitted with adjustable tapes, bobby pins, Velcro, glue, etc.


5. Wigs require a lot of care and maintenance?


No. In fact wigs are worn to take care of original hairs. Only a few essential routines you need to follow. This routine includes regular cleansing with shampoos. Conditioning and combing.


real hair wigs

Taking Care Of Wigs


The wigs are not that much mess to maintain. A regular wash with good quality shampoo is enough to clean the wig. A conditioner will always be a help to make them tangle-free. Do not forget to comb them after washing and drying.  Hang them on wigs stand when not in use.


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Here hoping that you have got an overview regarding wig selection and use and most of your doubts are also busted. Whatever your concern regarding hair care, hair wigs are Beutyforever is always committed to making you look beautiful and gorgeous.