Bells is a big fan of Beauty Forever Hair, she do a video of her first experience of sew in hair weaves and lace closure.


She has been wearing hair weave whether it would be sew in, glue in since she was 18 years old for she is not allowed to wear weaves by her mom. She usually ask for hairstylist to do weaves for her.


The time she would be allowed to wear hair weaves is graduation pictures, homecoming something like that special occasions.


The time she was able to move out her mother's house when she was 17, she started experimenting with make up, she started experimenting. She get tips and trick of hair weaving from her sister, watch how she doing and ask her sister to do her hair, learnt from there, so Bells went from not knowing how to do anything weave like to her hair to how to glue in hair weaves.


How to sew in my first hair weave
She first braided her hair, then sew in the 26 inches closure in the front, and then she put the net down, of course, she should put down the net first, anyway, then she cut where she had her closure and sewed the net around her lace closure. And sew in the hair bundles from bottom to top.

Brazilian straight hair 4 bundles