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What Is A Blonde Wig

A blonde wig is a kind of wig named by the hair color. Today we will share with you about what is a blonde wig and how to maintain a blonde wig.


A 613 blonde wig is a kind of wig named by the hair color. Today we will share with you about what is a blonde wig and how to maintain a blonde wig.


What is a blonde wig


To make the difference with other blonde wigs, beauty forever hair provides 613 blonde wig which is the size of the hair color. Cause there are many kinds of blonde wig like light blonde hair wig, platinum blonde hair wig, and strawberry blonde hair wig, etc. With the size of the hair color, you can easily find the right blonde wig for you.


According to different standards, they are different names. Please take the following as a reference. Because there are many titles about the blonde wig.


By types of lace, there are blonde full lace wig and blonde lace front wig. Full lace means the hair strands sew-in on the full lace of wig cap, handmade, needle by needle. So this kind of wig need more than 10 days to complete, the processing is complex. Compare with a full lace wig, lace front wig is easy to finish. Because only the front of the lace was handmade. There are two different lace sizes 13x4 and 13x6 which depends on the width of the lace frontal. A blonde full lace wig is more expensive than lace front wig, of course, the affective is more natural. A blonde full lace wig can make many hairstyles like a high ponytail, braid, and bun which are natural, comfortable and breathable.


By the length of the blonde wig, we have a long blonde wig, short blonde wig or bob blonde wig. Customers can buy the length they like. All the hair wig we sell we can make sure that it is true to length. The longer the blonde wig is, the higher the price is. The wig is pre-plucked with baby hair around.


By hair texture, you will see a straight blonde wig, wavy blonde wig, and jerry curly blonde wig. According to your face shape, choose the best hair texture fit for you. All the hair is 100 human hair, so it can be bleached, permed, and restyled. That means you buy one style of wig, when you want to change another hairstyle, you can do a fresh hair look. Less cost gets various hairstyles.


blonde full lace wig cap constructure



After you know about all these names of a blonde wig, we hope it could help you make the choice easy.


how to make a blonde wig by blonde hair bundles with closure or frontal


If you don’t want to buy a blond wig, you want to make one yourself. You can buy beauty forever blonde hair weaves and blonde lace closure or a frontal. Let us talk about how to make a wig step by step.


Step 1. preparation material: blonde hair bundles and closure, pins, needle, thread, tripod stand, wig cap net, and mannequin head.


Step 2. put the wig cap on your mannequin head. Pin the lace closure to the forehead of the lace cap.


Step 3. let the thread go through the needle, sew the edge of the closure to the cap. After you finished, you can pin the hair on the forehead to avoid the hair mess.


Step 4. open the hair weave, sew the weft on the wig cap along with the hair track you mark. Repeat it till you sew in the whole head.


Step 5. trim the lace forehead, comb it by wide-tooth comb.


How to put on your blonde wig


Step 1. braid your own hair to make it flat, make sure your hair doesn’t come out. Deal your hair is not easy, somebody’s hair is short, it is easy to make it flat, while some others, their hair is long, you need to braid it into a style very easy to wear a wig.


Step 2. wear a cap, fix it. Before you put on the wig, please wear a cap net first which makes the wig is natural and comfortable. The cap can protect your own hair from damage.


Step 3. put your wig on your head, adjust the position to fit you properly. You had better use a wig cap with straps, the straps can adjust the size of your wig.


Step 4. after you adjust the position, apply glue on your forehead, use a blow drier to make it dry in a few minutes.


Step 5. press the lace on the proper location, trim the edge of the lace, you can do hairline to make the wig look natural.


Step 6. comb and style the hair. Comb and use wax to make the hair flat. You can use the iron flat at the proper temperature to make other hairstyles.


How often should you wash your blonde wig


The frequency of washing a wig depends on how often you wear the wig. If you only wear it on a special occasion, you can remove it and put it into the wig bag or wig stand. If you wear it every day, you can wash it after 3-5 days. You can wash it as your own hair. Please choose the high-quality shampoo and wash it in the right way. When you wash your wig, please don’t twist it in order to avoid tangle, shedding, or split.


How to keep your blonde wig


After you remove your wig, make sure it is clean. You can put it into the wig bag or wig stand to keep the shape of the wig. If your wig is not clean, you can wash it first, then dry it in the air. Put the wig on the wig stand, please don’t comb it when the wig is wet. When the wig is dry, you can use some olive oil to make the wig glossy and shiny. Please don’t throw it anywhere, the proper way to keep the wig can last the lifespan.


How long does your blonde wig last


The more often you use the wig, the shorter you will be used. Everything has a lifespan, proper care, and the right use way can extend the life of the wig. Normally our hair is Remy hair with no chemical and processing. The blonde wig should be bleached first and dyed to the color 613. So the hair cuticle is easy to ruin. Beauty forever 613 blonde wigs can last 6-9 months with proper care.


Tips you should know when you use the blonde wig


Wash your 613 blonde wigs when you wear it the first time, even it is a new brand. Cause the blonde wig you get experience shipping, packaging and producing.


If the cold water is not working, you can choose warm water 95°F (35 )


Please don’t use a brush on your curly wig, you can use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb.


When you dry your 613 blonde wigs by blow drier, make sure to use the low temperature.


Before you use a 613 blonde wig from beauty forever hair store, please read this article carefully, this will help you avoid many problems when you met in using the wig.


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 blonde full lace wig straight wave


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 blonde full lace wig body wave


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