We have various human hair weave types and choosing the suitable one for you is very important for hair type will determine your overall modeling.


Human hair weave type

Brazilian hair: Brazilian hair has high quality and is often chosen by Mediterranean, African, Caribbean and African/American woman.The hair has various styles like naturally straight, wavy very curly/spiral curls.The density of Brazilian hair is medium to thick. For Caucasian women who have medium density hair and want to add large volume, the Brazilian hair type is good option.


Indian hair: Indian hair is fantastic for women who have naturally thick dark hair. After washing indian hair it usually goes quite wavy which gives amazing natural volume and texture, Indian hair can be used by all hair types as it can be easily manipulated from very straight to very wavy.


Malaysian Hair: Malaysian hair is favoured by Caucasian woman as the hair types are light in density and can take colour very easily.