This summer, you girls may want to shop some human hair extensions to get long, attractive hair style. If you are new to hair extensions world, do your research, choose the right hairs color and texture to perfect match your natural hair. Clip in hair extension is very popular among young women. Here are some tips you should know about clip in hair extensions.


Tips of Clip in hair extensions

  • Putting in clip in human hair extensions is quite easy with proper instruction and practice
  • Be sure to find ones that most closely match your natural hairs color and texture
  • 18 inches long to 24 inches long
  • Clip in hair shows in hair wefts form


How to install Clip in hair extensions

  1. Lay your extensions on a flat surface, make sure your clip in hair is tangle free.
  2. Divide the hair from bottom, most extension come with 2 or 4 wefts for the back of the head, add the middle clip first.
  3. Brush out your hair every time you added your hair extension weft to make it tanglefree.
  4. After finishing the back part. Divide the sides hair, to add clip in hair extension one inch away from your hairline.
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