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Differentiate Different Types of Wigs

Do you want to wear wigs to change your look, do you have hair loss problem or do you have to damage your hairs because of some reasons? How many types of wigs are there? So, here is option to cover your hairs without damaging your hair’s colour and texture and that’s too in few minutes.

The best-suited options are to wear a wig. Women have many different reasons for wearing wigs. It covers thinning of hairs or adds hairstyle completely, or it may be useful for the costume to makeover yourself in parties and different occasions. But which type of wig is suitable for you according to your budget, according to your hair texture, color, these are the questions might be there in your head.


You will get all the information about the types of wigs and how to use it to look glamorous. There are two major aspects that decide the quality of hair wigs hair quality and cap construction.


Why do women need to wear wigs?


Most of the women feel less confident in the public because of thinning of hair so wigs are best solution for it. So, to feel confident and attractive in their looks a good quality of wig and correct choice of wigs is a greater way to enhance your style and confidence.


Peoples wear wigs for different reasons that include hair loss problems means thinning of hairs, some of peoples want to look attractive or whatever reason, you should choose wigs carefully and its proper evaluation will make you perfect purchasing of wigs.  It is very important to choose the type best wig and best style that works best for you.


Different types of wigs


Based on the use of hairs, wigs can be classified into different types


Human hair wigs


These wigs are made up of with natural human hairs. These are most popular wigs as these are natural-looking wigs. These types of wigs can be styled, colored, or trimmed as per wish. These can be done last longer and can be stand up well to heat. It can be a best investment over a year with proper care.


Human hair wigs are the best choice for hair replacement options. These are generally more expensive but main advantage of it is more durability as these can last for a year. These hairs have more strength, higher quality and texture. It feels like natural hair and touch is good and satisfactory.


Human hairs can come from across the globe such as Asia, Africa, China, and Europe. Hairs can source from different sources so you should make sure to do your research and look into different types of different hairs from various regions.


Human hair pros and cons


The Pros


*High styling versatility


*Variety of textures: These wigs come in a variety of textures so you can match hair texture to your own hairs.


*Durability: These are having more durability and lasts for a year.


*Natural look: These wigs look like natural hairs and feel great.


The Cons


*High maintenance




*Colour variation: Human hair wigs of the same color will vary slightly from wig to wig because each wig contains hairs harvested from different sources.


*Effect of weather: Due to weather change wigs can become frizzy or dry.


*Colour fading: It happens due to oxidation or fade with the exposure to light.


*Weight: After use of it, feels heavy than synthetic wigs


*Style: Requires more efforts and skills to style


There are also different types of wigs for human hair, lace front wigs, full lace wigs, HD Lace wigs, 100% hand-tied wigs, headband wig and U Part wig. So, here is important information for all types of wigs.


Lace front wigs:


The front hairline of the wig is lace material with individual hairs which tied at the base. These types of wigs give natural looks and its front line looks like hair growing from the scalp. It allows nearly invisible hairline. The hairs can be pulled back and hence looks like natural. This lace can be delicate and should be handled carefully. Overall, installations of these types of wigs are very easy as it is stretchy and covers the entire scalp. Heavy adhesives should not be used for the application of wigs as these can damage the natural hairs and roots and may cause hair loss.


Lace front wigs are very common to the celebrities and stars. Their looks are always beautiful and gorgeous by making a perfect hairstyle for their parties and films. Front lace has small sheer lace panel which is attached to the hairline and it provides a natural look. The main advantage of this wig is, these are breathable and feels comfortable and looks more natural.


short bob lace front wigs
Beautyforever Straight Short Bob Wigs Pre-Plucked Lace Front Wig Virgin Human Hair Wig 130% 150% Density



Body Wave 13x4 lace front wigs
Beautyforever Pre-plucked Body Wave Hair 13X4 Human Hair Lace Front Wig 150% Density



Full Lace Wigs


Full lace wigs are completely made up of lace and these are different from the lace front wigs. These types of wigs are versatile than other wigs as these can wear the different hairstyles. It covers the entire head of the human. Installations of these types of wigs are little bit different from the lace front wigs, these wigs only fix on the front edge of the head. It is same like a wig cap. As these types of wigs cover the entire head, it looks like the way in which hair grows on the human scalp and it closely resembles to the natural look. It is mostly recommended wig caps. Full lace wigs tend to last longer than lace front wigs. Strong adhesives are not used in these types of wigs.


body wave full lace wigs
Beautyforever Body Wave Full Lace Wigs T4/613 Ombre Blonde Human Hair 150% Density



HD lace wigs


HD lace wigs are the fashionable hair accessories in the market and that fits very perfectly to all types of skin complexions. These types of brings more confidence to you and offer fantastic effect as these are the transparent and undetectable lace closures. These are made up of with undetectable caps lace caps and 100 % virgin hairs. This lace material is referred as royal lace material and called as Swiss lace. When this material is placed on the scalp it got invisible and hence matches to every skin tone and complexion. This HD lace is translucent in look and hence without any efforts it melts to the skin and becomes invisible so hairline looks natural and real.


One of the greatest advantages of HD lace wigs is its illusion of hair growing from your scalps natural hairline. These wig pieces tend to have a V-shaped peak in the hairline which rests in the middle line that creates impressive hairline illusion.


It offers very high versatility in styling; you can style in different ways without losing natural looks. It is very easy to apply which is ready to wear.


5x5 hd lace wigs human hair
Beautyforever 5x5 HD Lace Wigs Pre Plucked Body Wave Hair Lace Closure Wigs Human Hair 180% Density Online For Sale



hd lace wigs jerry curly
Beautyforever HD Lace Wigs Jerry Curly 5x5 Lace Closure Wigs Human Hair 180% Density Natural Color



100% hand-tied wigs


These wigs are also called lace part wig. Hand tying is a tedious process as manual knotting of individual hair has to be done on to the wig caps for the most natural looks. It is mostly done on the parted areas and also on the edges of the cap in order to hide the material when hair is pulled back. It is very soft and most comfortable wig type and ideal for sensitive scalps and hair loss. This human hair is sewn in the wig and only one part of it is sewn. That one part of head of the lace part is depending upon the client's choice either it is left, center, or right. This is because each hair is individually hand-tied and hence it looks natural. It is very lightweight and breathable and great for warm weather. It should be handled more gently than standard or machine-made caps.


highlight color lace part wig
Beautyforever Blonde Highlight Piano Color Head Tied Lace Wig 412# Best Human Hair Wig Long Straight Hair 150% Density



human hair lace part wig body wave
Beautyforever 100% Human Hair Wig Lace Wig With Baby Hair Long Body Wave Natural Color 150% Density



Headband wig


If anyone wants to add little length, some volume to the hair and body to the hair without any kind of tricky maintenance of standard hair wigs, then a headband wig is the most useful option for them. It will have various options to perform the hairstyles. These are made up of 100% virgin human hair which is collected from healthy young girls donors and are unprocessed by any means of chemicals at all. A headband wig is nothing but a piece of material that looks like a headband, you just need to collect all your real hairs and fix it with hairs pins or rubber bands and take out the wigs. By fixing it to the proper level it will look a beautiful haircut in very short time. It is very friendly to handle, some adjustments or hooks are provided inside the wig which simply pulls the belt on your head and it's done all. It is very light in weight and breathable. It is durable, affordable and looks like natural hairs.


body wave headband wig
Beautyforever Headband Wig Dark Roots Honey Blonde Ombre Color Body Wave Human Hair Wigs 150% Density



water wave headbang wig human hair
Beautyforever Headband Wig Water Wave Glueless Human Hair Wigs With Pre-attached Scarf Natural Color 200% Density



U part wig


These are also called as U part half wigs; it is having the small hole at the top shape like U. This hole will help to manipulate or blend out over the top of wigs and attach to the cover and then it will look like a hairstyle. These are modified as half wigs. It is a money-saving offer and pocket friendly to you all, having the high versatility for hairstyles and also it can protect to your natural hairs. No use of glue, no sewing, it is super easy to install. It is time-saving. Having the less tensions, as it allows skipping tight braids and stressing on your edges.


long straight hair u part wig
Beautyforever Long Straight Hair U Part Wig Glueless Human Hair Wigs 2x4 Opening Size 200% Density Natural Color



jerry curly u part wig human hair
Beautyforever Jerry Curl Right Part 3x1 U Part Wig 150% Density Glueless Human Hair Wig Natural Color



How can we get personalized items or more information and specifications of all items?


We are here only for you to help out and answer all the questions in your mind. You can visit our website You will get all the details and all information about the wigs.

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