Well, these are the processes by which natural hair of user are tied into cornrows by professional use of needle and thread. Sometimes use of glues can be done. These hair extensions often used to protect and rest natural hair of wearer from daily styling and wear and tear.




Not in mood to go salon? Your best friend is not available to dress your hair? No worries.with little time and some patience you can do your own sew in weave. You just have to follow a few simple steps as follow:


1. Apply conditioner after detangling of hair. Corner part of hair to either at center or one side which will serve as leave out portion and cover hair tracks after finishing. Edges of hair at front can be kept to provide more natural look.


2. To make sew-in look less bulky the rest of the hairs were cast as braid around the leave-outs. If braids not possible then cornrows can be made.


3. For length of hair as medium to long C-cut needle can be used to sew gaps between cornrows/braids. To impart some moisture and prevent dryness oiling of scalp can be done.


4. If braids are showing more gaps in between then weaving net must be applied to give more room to sew tracks. Start sewing weft onto net, use of clips can be done to hold each weft on place.


5. The curvature of the weft can be adjusted so as to cover anchor braids neatly and then straighten leave out, apply edge control. This enables you the freehand in styling the hair way you want.


After installation sew in weave can last up to 8 weeks.




1. You have larger room to play with your hair and style them the way you want. Let it be straight hair, curly hair.


2. You can save coins on use of chemicals and also prevent your hair from damage.


3. The natural hair can grow healthier as they are protected by sew-in weaves. The daily damage by dust, pollutant etc are absorbed by hair extensions.


4. Provides very natural look as it covers entire head for longer period of time.


5. If you are not fond of doing hairs every day then sew-in is the lifesaver for you.


6. Sew in weaves are most secure as you are most confident that they will not fall off.


7. After installation weaves are stable. It means unlike human hair wigs you need not to install them every morning. This is much timesaver for a busy woman.


8. On purchase of large bundles you can save a lot. These can last up to 2 years.


9. Installing sew in does not hamper natural growth of your hair as it allows ample of air circulation throught scalp.




1. Stick with your hair care routine:


Even after installing sew in, carry out your normal hair care routine. While on natural hair if you shampoo then once a week or bi-week or with, without conditioner please continue that. Try to keep your hair and scalp beneath weaves dry. If excess of moisture was present or you forgot to pat dry your hair after swimming then damp, mold smell may come out from your hair.


2. Dont let your weave stay on your head for more than 2-3 month:


Although the primary and foremost purpose of wearing weaves is to protect one's natural hairs by hiding them beneath sew-in sheath. But if you continue to wear it for longer period of time i.e. more than 2-3 months then surely you will suffer hair loss, damage due to tangled and/or matted hair.


3. Keep changing your braid pattern to stop thinning of hair:


The braiding pattern should be changed clockwise (or counterclockwise) to avoid thinning of hair. The remaining hairs can be braided back in different patterns like cornrow braids, zig-zag motion, beehive pattern etc.


Now the very important debate which is going on since the first weave/wig launched in market is that.




Most of the hair extensions i.e. weaves can be washed, curled, conditioned like your normal hair. They can last long if treated and taken care neatly. But negligence can be damage to natural hair hiding underneath weave. The natural hairs braided along with weave should be taken care the same way when weave in not on.


Here we have listed some common mistakes which can damage your hair after wearing sew-in weaves:


1. Not washing your sew in weave:


Adapting to careless behavior while wearing sew-in can lead to huge hair damage. You must wash your weave every 2-3 week. Wearing the same weave again and again can present unhygienic conditions which will cause tangling of hair or more badly matting of hair.


2. Wearing the same weave for longer period of time:


Although intended to wore for longer period of time, the sew in should not be kept on head more than 2-3 weeks. If this period extends without proper up keeping of your underneath natural hair as well as sew in then suffocation of scalp and breaking of hair is un-evitable.


3. Invest Money in good quality of sew in weave/ always prefer quality over quantity:


Never be a victim of super sales. Shop at such sales only when you have trustworthy quality. Cheap products, synthetic hair extensions produce a chance for scalp irritation and itching. Please dont forget to check your weave hair thoroughly that no insects hiding in hair weft that can damage or irritate scalp and hair follicles.


4. Never go for bonded weaves:


These are the weaves which involves gluing of hair extensions to scalp surface. These products do suffocate the scalp so that it could not breathe. This leads to damage and breakage of roots of hair follicles.


Also hair extensions attached using glue are quite difficult to take out and often leads to hair tangling and breaking of hair.


5. Not caring for your natural hair:


It is always advisable to nourish or conditioning natural hair before the installation of sew-in. some also suggest oiling of hair before attaching weave. After installation also the hair beneath must be taken good care of. Otherwise the scalp may suffocate to develop severe hair problems. Development of traction alopecia is most commonly observed. The hair and scalp should be clean with shampoo and conditioners from time to time.


6. Nourish and hydrate your scalp regularly:


The healthier your scalp remains, more easily your hair will be taken care of. Keep a habit of wrapping of scarf before sports event, bed or any activity that will cause sweating. After that also do not forget to wash and pat dry or blower dry your hair weave. Periodically keep your scalp and hair follicles nourished by regular conditioning.


In no way sew-in damages your natural hairs if you install them properly without putting any tension on hair strands. If you prohibited negligence and take good care of your hidden underneath hair then sew in won't cause any damage to your hairs. If not taken care properly and frequent washings, conditioning routine is not followed then problem of mold and mildew may arise. Tightly glued extensions or tight braids often lead to breaking of hair.




Now we are very confident that you have primitive knowledge to maintain and handle your sew-in weave. You must also be sure that if good care has been taken then sew in weaves do not damage your hair. So the debate that was ringing in your head and to have put you in dilemma whether to buy sew-in weave or not has been ended. But you still want to try your know then for sure you can go and buy your very own sew in weave at our website Beautyforever.com. If you want to know any other information or assistance and want to explore more about hair weaves then you are most welcome to visit the site Beautyforever.com just give sew-in weaves a try and see by yourself that how your natural hairs grow fast and healthy.