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Do You Choose the Best Weave Hair?

Being a woman and having long hair is the plus point for every woman’s beauty. And every woman wants to look beautiful. So, all women not to worry we have an option to look beautiful by presenting the best weave hair. Within few minutes you will be looking gorgeous by your stylish weave hair. Yes, you read absolutely correctly and here are the answers for all your questions. Yes, you are thinking right now, what exactly it is? How to wear it and what are the techniques? How to choose it correctly? are there many options and types in weave hair and many more questions. Be patient all ladies, we always help you out to clears all your thoughts and queries about weave hair.

What Is Weave Hair?


Weave hair is a kind of hair extension and it is the most popular way to style up your hair. It is one the technique to add hairs to the scalp by weaving or braiding of human hairs or synthetic hairs. Hair weaving is the option for those persons who are not satisfied with their hairs and want to look more stylish and gorgeous with their thick and beautiful hairs. The hair is woven to the root area of the person's hair so it grows naturally with their hair.


One of the types for weave is sewed in weave where natural hairs braided down into cornrows, and needles and thread are then used to sew down hair extensions onto their braids. With sew ins weave, it gives natural hair and breaks from the damage.


There are two routes in sew-in weaves, synthetic and human hair weaves. Both are having different textures and having different budgets too. Human hair weaves are costly than synthetic weaves.

Kinky hair weaves is also one of the most popular hair weave that most girls like. Kinky hair is also named afro kinky human hair. It is like a curl pattern or it can be described as very tightly curled hair or coiled hair or hair with no curl but zigzag pattern.


beautyforever kinky hair 


How To Choose Kinky Hairstyles


There are many types of kinky hair weaves you can choose. Here is the selection for you for your kinky hairstyle


Kinky curly hair


For a black woman kinky hair is a best suitable option that or rather its a necessity by which woman looks more natural and matches their original natural hair. This kinky curl is made up of thousands of zigzag brands which are defined by the closed knit curl and large and luxurious volume of hairs


Kinky straight hair


Kinky straight hair weaves is also known as the blow out straight weave and it has become the most popular hair texture across the world. It looks beautiful and straight, soft and kinky hairs and gives the flawless look resembles your own looks


Techniques of hair weaving


Various techniques of weaving are bonding, tracking, fusion, and net weaving.




It is most widely used technique in which hair is separated into several sections and pieces of weaved hair is added to the natural hair.




 This technique involves braiding the natural hair into several tracks across the head. Here, a few concentric circles of braids are created and sewn




This technique gives a completely natural look by making the weaves unrecognizable from the original hair.


Net weaving


This is the permanent weaving for those experiencing thinning or balding.


Benefits Of Wearing Weave Hair


There was a time when no one couldnt afford the weave hair and not even more aware of such weave hair. Women were rarely found the long shiny, stylish, charming and beautiful hair on magazine pages only.


But now, every woman is very possessive about her beauty of hairs. Every woman wants shiny, stylish hair and attractive hairstyles. So, instead of only adding inches and volume to the hairs, weave hair is the best option to style your hair. There are many benefits of wearing weave hair. If anyone has not used weave hair till, its time to find out the best-suited option for you.


Low maintenance


Weave hair are low maintenance options and in very short period of time hairstyling can be done. So, its a low time spending option and saving our precious time. Human hair weaves are more versatile than synthetic weave hair. You can style your hair withing minutes and can enjoy your functions and parties and other occasions. It is very helpful to relax when you are hurry in any occasion and you want to dress up quickly as hairs weaves will make you ready without wasting hours on hairstyling.


Protection to your hairs and scalp


Weave hair are the kind of shield to the natural hairs and also protects the scalp. These weaves wear and tear every days hence natural hairs can get protected from the dust, sunlight rays and the other elements which can harm the hairs. It wont get damaged by or affected by the weather. Your daily blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons or rollers wont harsh your natural hairs by the use of one and only weaves hair. As your natural hairs will get protected ultimately your scalp will get protected defiantly.


Low commitment/ No bothering of one hairstyle


Hairs weaves are low commitment options as there is no any botheration to stick with the one hairstyle only. It can be removed withing couple of months. Unlike our hair cut, we have to wait for our hair growth, weave hair is very low commitment option. Many of you very craziest about their hairstyles, so you can ask to your stylist to change it up or to remove it.


Weaves let you look stylish/ Let you experiment


Without worrying of damaging your hairs and scalp, you can experiment on your perfect hairstyle. If you want to new color to your hair or new hairstyle or look straight hairs without using hot rollers and curlers, you can use the weave hair to get kinky hair etc. without any stress.


 curly human hair weave for women


How to choose right type of weave hair


For looking perfect and charming at parties and different occasions you need to focus on the points while choosing the right types of weave hair. So, we are here to solve your problems and have a look at the best choice for weaves hair.


There are many different textures of hairs like, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Indian and so on. You should have to keep the texture in your mind while selecting hair weaving. Depending on the texture either it is curly or coily, your weaves will get selected.


Choosing the right colour to your weaving is the prime importance to look natural and gorgeous. As per choice, mix match colour also can choose for dramatic look. But for natural look, the colour of the weaves should closely match with the natural hairs.


The ideal length of the weaves is perfectly your choice that how much long or short weaves you look. There are various weaves with different lengths are available in the market. Whichever is comfortable or suits you can choose the same. Ideal length of weave depends on your budget and your choice only.


Different weaves have different characteristics like textures, colors, length, qualities, amongst them you can pick which you suit best and will give you best look.


There are two types of the weaves, Synthetic and Human hair weave. Synthetic weaves are relatively less expensive than human hair weave. So, you can choose between synthetic or human hair weave depending on your budget. If you want to make a natural look then your budget will be high to choose the human hair weave. It will give natural and beautiful look. On a low budget and on quick fix look you can go with synthetic hair weave.


For Oblong or long faces, shorts hairs suits. For heart-shaped faces, volume of hairs on both faces will suits. For round faces, sleek hairs that go below the chin and for square faces go with the curly hairstyles. And for oval facing every hairstyle suits.


Every weave is different and every hairstyle will make you glamourous and beautiful so make sure you pick the right one to make you perfect.


Hoping that all the questions in your mind have been cleared now and we are pretty enough confident that you got basic and advanced knowledge to how to choose the weave hair and what are criteria and all about sew in weave and kinky hair weave. So if you want to know more about the weave hair and kinky hair weave and sew in hair weave you can go through our hair store beautyforever.com. If you also want to buy products or explore more knowledge about weave hair, you are most welcome to our website.

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