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Do you love to try different hairstyles but not dared to try out something new due to small length of your hair? Ohh dear no worries. There is a hairstyle witch absolutely suits you and give you a new charming look in just few minutes. Here we present Quick weave bob.

Before going far we will just try to satisfy some of your queries and brief you about the quick weave hair weave. If you want to know more about this Quick weave bob we would suggest keeping reading and going through this article. We are sure that after reading this you will be having the whole knowledge about weaves and their installation. So you will be more confident on your weave purchases. So, lets start!


What Are Quick Weaves?


These are the hair extensions but meant to be design as a faster method to install your weave as compared to traditional method. Only wefts, hair extension with glue are required to install them on your head. These can be made from 100% virgin human hair or synthetic/non-Remy hairs. Sometimes combination of both types of hair can also be used in quick weaves. The custom-made weaves i.e. as per choice of customer can also be made available. There is a lot of margins to play with your hairstyles therefore you can perform different hairstyles like curly hair, short styles or simple short straight hairs you can keep.


human hair bob hairstyle

Advantages Of Quick Hair Weave:


Quick weaves are more preferable over sew-in weaves because firstly they are way much affordable than sew-in. additionally as their name scream they are very much time savers when compared to traditional wigs or sew-in.


Also they impose remarkable low tension to your natural hairs, like sew in do. This is because like sew in the quick weaves do not demand tight braiding of hairs before installation. Only turning back of natural hair using bobby pins is sufficient.


Plus as they involve gluing of hair and nor sewing on cap a much lesser pull is experienced by natural hair.


If you are scared to damage your hair with use of glue you can simply choose to loosely braid your hair backward or plates and cornrows can be made.


These quick weaves require very low maintenance as compared to traditional weaves.  If require you can just apply small portion of mousse to reshine on your edges whenever required.


One of the very important feature of these quick weaves is that they can be worn in any weather condition let it be summer or winter. So you can protect your natural hair from getting frizzy in humidity or dry and brittle in cold after installing weaves.


What Is Not So Cool About Quick Weave?


bob wigs

The only thing you should take extra care about while installing quick weave is requirement of glue. It might cause damage if the weave is worn for too long period. But this can be lessened by proper installation of quick weaves. If your stylist is using a gel and molding product to slickening of your then please prefer the one with label Alcohol-Free. This might not cause damage and make your hair dry and break.


Some Features Of Quick Hair Weave Over Traditional Weaves/Wigs:


1. Protective Hairstyle

2. Requires very low maintenance

3. Very cost-effective as compared to traditional sew-in

4. Very less hair installation time

5. Easy to remove

6. no damage to your hidden hair


How Much Time Did It Take To Install Quick Weave Bob?


Do you believe if I say that installation of these quick weave bob takes less than 1.5 hours? Surprise? But yes... They are way that quick. To make it more interesting you can install them at your home by easy DIY steps and an off-course bit patience. The material used in installation process is readily available at any nearby beauty store. If you are at salon to install your quick weave bob then you might not have to wait for long as by taking professional help they can be readily get installed even in 45 minutes time span.


So, in if you are in urgency to attend seminar, a meeting and want to stun everyone with your look, go for this quick weave bob. These are specially made to comfort todays busy women.


Do I Require Long Hair To Use Quick Hair Bob Style?


Absolutely not. If you have a hair length around 6 inches only it is sufficient to install a quick weave bob. This is sufficient to generate fusion or row cornering of hairs. The graet amount of volume can be achieved by using this quick weave.


curly hair bob

What Type Of Accessories I Will Be Requiring To Install Quick Weave Bob?


All you need to nail this hairstyle is:


1. Blow dryer (iron)

2. Molding gel (optional)

3. A Pair of scissors

4. quick Weave extension (made from either human /synthetic/ mixture of both)

5. Hair glue

6. Wig cap for protecting hair


A Step By Step Dictation For Installation Of Quick Weave Bob:


1. A very first step is to cover your natural hair. This involves cornrowing or sometimes braiding of your natural hair. A mere backflipping can be done sometimes, depending upon length of your hair. If required and by the choice of user an application of molding gel can be done to withhold the hairs at place.


2. After adjusting with natural hair, hide them with the protective cap and cover them. If you are wishing to keep leave out then prefer marking the area with concealer or lip color to outline this part. This will help to decide the gluing area.


3. Attach hair waft using glue from back of the head towards front section. The length of the weft is decided by measuring the area you want to attach weft. Attach each weft carefully to wig cap by using hair glue. Dry these wefts once done with attaching. You can use blow dryer for natural hairs.


4. If you have taken out hair at center or side part then cut the protective cap accordingly. At this part attach the weft in U shape.


5. Trim and style your bob now the way you want. You can also do the straitening on these weave bob.


6. Now you are all set to rock the world with this classy appearance of your hair and that too in very less time for sure.


Maintenance Of Quick Weaves Bob:


If properly and neatly installed the quick weave bob can last up to 4-5 weeks. It is advisable to cover your head with scarf (mostly silk or satin one) to prevent the tangling of hair and also matting of them. For the hairstyle of curly hair bob, the option of adding rollers and pinning of hairs is always open.


The washing of quick hair is always advisable using special shampoos and conditioners but little extra care is needed to use oil-based products. The use of oil imposes the loosening of glue use to attach hair weft. This might leads to chances of slipping of hair weft from track.


How Would You Take Out Quick Weave Bob?


curly human hair bob wigs

When you start noticing the excessive shreds of your hair, consider it a time to take off your quick weave. This shredding takes place because the glue you have used to hold your weft to cap weakens and not able to hold them at place anymore.


When you want to take it out, keep massaging with oil for few minutes, this will lead to loosening of glue which is used to attach the weft to your protective cap.


To remove the wig, gently peel off protective cap to which the hair extensions are glued on backward side. Put your fingers under the cap and start taking it out from your forehead in backward direction.

Perform this step very gently as it may cause pulling of your natural hair.


If you have done cornrowing or braiding of your natural hair gently de tangle them by either with your hands or use comb. You can use the conditioner to ease the process.


Here we are presenting you with some bonus tips to deal masterly with this hairstyle:


1. Quick weaves are generally used for giving you extra cool look. So dont hesitate at all if you want to add some color or effect to your hair.


2. If you are not sure about installing and removing the quick weave bob hairdo on your own then please go help yourself with the professional stylist. In your next trial you can definitely opt for DIY.


3. Never means never extend your quick weave bob hairstyle more than recommended 4-5 weeks as it can severely damage your natural hidden hair. They will be negatively impacted.  Your natural hairs need to be washed and conditioned to remain healthy. Otherwise you may feel some hair effects like itchiness, scalp irritation, breaking of hair or more fearfully matting of your hairs. So do take out your weaves before its late for your hairs.


Where Can I Buy My Quick Weave Bob?


Whenever you are in a dilemma where I should buy my hair products they dont look here and there go straight and visit our site You will be never be disappointed with us.

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