Get Your Hair As Flat As Possible

Get your hair as flat as possible. You should cornrow your hair backward if it’s thick or long. If your hair is short, you can wear a wig cap to flatten your locks.


Place The Lace Wig On Your Head

Once your natural hair is flattened, you should position the wig on your head and cut the extra lace in the same shape of your natural hairline. Try not to cut the lace perfectly straight as this will create a fake moon-shape hairline. Use scissors to create a small zigzag.


Secure The Wig

Most glue-less lace wigs have combs in the front and back. Secure the comb into your hair then adjust the strap at the back to get a snug fit. To make sure that the lace is properly placed, move the lace front from one side to another. You can also use a thread and needle and sew in a few sections of the wig into your natural hair for extra security.


Glue the wig at your temples (not across your forehead) to achieve a natural looking hairline. Place the wig on your head. Use a nude eyeliner pencil to trace the part around the lace you want to glue down. Don’t put glue on your hair or any area you have not marked. Always follow the instructions on how to apply glue. Put your wig on top of the glue or lace and press it down. Wait around 30 minutes before combing or brushing the wig.


If you want a natural-looking hairline, here are some tips to keep in mind.


Use Tweezers

In case your hairline is too thick, use a pair tweezers to pull out your hair strands. Pull out one strand at a time. Pull the strands out from random rows in every section. Don’t pluck in a straight line as it may lead to bald spots. After every few strands, put your tweezers down and see if your hairline is improving. Leave some of your baby hair out at the front of your wig.


How to Achieve a Long-lasting Lace Wig

Five tools are needed to properly care for your lace wig – a hair wrap, shampoo, pillowcase, rake, and conditioner. The conditioner and shampoo are important in protecting natural hair oil. Aside from washing your wig, you also want to style it. That’s where you can use the rake. Combs and brushes put too much pressure on the hair and will cause shedding and breakage. Use a pick or a rake and you’ ll greatly lessen the pressure put on the hair as well as the knots while styling the wig. Your lace wig will certainly last longer. If you’ re wearing your wig to bed, use a hair wrap. This will reduce friction on the wig. You can also use a pillowcase. The pillowcase should be the same material as the wrap.