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How To Blend Hair Weave With Two Different Colors

Hair weaves or colored wigs are a great way to manipulate your look and enhance your beauty. But sometimes sit may happen that youth get bored with the same look and they want to experiment and innovate something new every time they use colored wigs.

While purchasing these wigs for sale all thing one must consider is the suitability of color shade to your personality and face. Hair weaves are very convenient to use and mostly utilized to make short or make hair give thickness and length whichever is necessary. Applying highlights to these extended hairs will impart a natural look to you. But one of the prime things you should consider before coloring or highlighting hair weave is to blend colors in most natural way. if the colors applied in a mismatched way can ruin your look instantly. So, it of utmost importance to choose your different blender colors wisely. Apply colors such that the blending will look natural and will not harm your original look.it is always said that choose a color that matches to your original hair color or you can always choose a color one shade darker or lighter than your current hair color shade. Multiple colors can also be used to give depth and dimensions to your original hairs. It will always depend upon you to use either single solid color or blend two colors beautifully to get the new radiant look.


If you are a beginner then just go through following tips and tricks to get you beautifully blended and most elegant wig hairdo.


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The very first and important thing you must remember as a beginner is to choose your color carefully. The hairstylist always advises to settle for a color that is either one shade lighter or one shade darker than your natural hair color.


Also, if you dont want to buy two separate bundles then w strongly recommends you to go for hair bundles with closures that are easily available in two tones.


For selection of tone of hair colors, there are two measures i.e. reversible tones.


For one type of weave, there is a lighter color with second darker low light. While as contrary the opposite color coordinates might present.


It has been observed most of the time a light shade color is employed as a highlighted color while a darker shade of color is chosen as mainstream color code.


If you want to create a deep highlighting impact then prefer to clip two different color hair weaves by an alternate clipping method. This will definitely make you relive your youthful look.


While installing the colored wigs try to position large portion of weave at notch of the neck then clip up the threads of lighter color and build them on top of a lighter color. Then keep on rotating the colors till the hair weft squares were put in utterly within hair bundles


While clipping the color threads keep in mind that you must clip hair weave extensions towards the lowest half of the top and plus fix the extensions that square measure lighter colors towards the darker shade wig hair color. This way it will enhance the natural hair look for you which will result in natural hair lightened by sun.


If one prefers the reversible hair extension then irrespective of hair bundle style you can alternate both sides of the hair threads. Again start with the highlighted notch of the neck. Clip-in that low aspect low lighted on prime of the highlighted aspect. Keep on continuing to have compelling process rotating both sides till all weave extension squares clipped in. As an outcome of alternative edges you will get best color blending effect.


If you dont want to order two separate colors, you should select two-tone reversible hair extensions with two hair colors. One side of the hair weft has a lighter color, and the second has darker low-light.


If you choose to use reversible hair extensions, you should alternate each side of the hair weft, starting with the highlighted side at the nape of the neck. On top of the highlighted side, you can clip in the low-lighted side. Continue rotating each side until you have clipped in all extensions. Alternating the sides blends the hair to get the best result.


Just check out few additional tips that might come handy while working with your hair weave blending and taking care of the same.


For a great weave installation, having a smooth, sleek hairline is like the icing on the cake. It gives a sleek and more formal look to your hair and can also help hide traces found across your head's circumference. These days, edge slicing, controlling, and smoothing products are wildly popular, so we recommend finding one that works well for you.


With the waves and curls popping, nothing is worse than seeing the texture of your hair extensions lying beautifully against your head, just to have your natural hair sitting on top like the nest of a rat! Try twisting or braiding your hair at night, intertwining your hair with the hair extensions so that when you undo the twists the next morning, the two textures blend together seamlessly.


Both shades are drawn from the three main colors, red, yellow and blue, combining brown with these primary colors.


- White and black are colors that change a color's lightness or darkness.


- When mixed together, complementary colors (purple + yellow, red + green, orange + blue) have a darkening effect.


Human hair and skin color is determined by the proportional concentrations of two distinct pigments that dictate lightness or darkness and redness or yellow-ness, eumelanin and pheomelanin.


-"A color's temperature or "tone" is defined on a warm yellow, red, orange) to cold (blue-green, purple) scale and is used as a secondary designation, allowing rational definitions of "cool red" or "warm blue" in which cool red is colder or duller than true red and warm blue warmer or brighter than true blue.


In the surface layer of the hair shaft, blue color particles occur, while red and yellow color particles exist deeper within the hair shaft, which is why bleached hair continues to.


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What should I do to make my hair weave blend in the best way?


1. Trim the ends:


Although it might seem like a waste you've bought to cut off hair, it's so necessary to achieve the natural flow, so where the actual hair ends and the extensions begin is not clear. When the package is in the hair, we still recommend getting the extensions trimmed by an experienced hairstylist. Numbering the wefts would also be good for you because you know exactly which weft goes where.


2. Hide bottoms:


The bottom layers of your own hair that appear under the hair weave are one of the greatest giveaways that you are wearing hair bundles. Even, for a more smooth combination, you can need to pin back a portion of your hair if you have a lot of hair. Next, section the bottom of your hair (from the center of your ear to your ear), braid it (or use an elastic band to tye it back) and firmly lock it against your head.


3. Discuss with your stylist:


- know what the needs in terms of length, volume, longevity and color shift.


- know to what degree the color will be added to (highlights, ombre, overall color, etc.)


- settle upon a form of painting (blending vs. coloring)


- To achieve the perfect look, choose the appropriate extension colors and pigments


4. Make a solid base to blended weaves:


This ensures that at the roots of your hair, you need to generate something that will encourage the clips to hang on to something during the day without slipping or tugging. First before clipping into your Luxies, try teasing each part of hair at the base. Then spray each segment with either a hairspray, spray of sea salt, or volumizing spray (you may even use a dry shampoo). This would help build a safer surface for the Luxies to stick to the slippage which can be removed.


5. Stack human hair weave neatly:


When wearing human hair, a really neat trick is stacking the wefts on top of each other. What this does is generate more volume, but you're still technically clipping your real hair in one weft. This is a great way to free up some space on your scalp and in your haircut also hide some of that bluntness.


So, we hope by using these simple tips on blending of your hair wigs in different colors you will definitely flaunt your elegant and fashionable style to the world. If you are curious about different hair weaves and extensions then just go and visit our beauty forever online hair store which is a complete one-stop solution for all your hair styling.


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