How to take good care of your Body wave hair weave?

In spite of your new Beautyforever Brazilian body wave hair looks like your own hair, you should know that it is not your own hair and not attached to your scalp and get the nutrients and oil that our own hair will normally get. So take good care of your body wave weave is very important.

Bleaching and Dyeing body wave closure: We suggest you to bleach and light your body wave hair by professional hair stylist for if it is nor be processed properly, your body wave Brazilian hair texture will be changed which will damage the hair. To hydrate and moist you body wave hair is needed.

Washing body wave weave: When you wash your hair weaves, you should to brush it thoroughly with a wide brush to make sure that all the hair strands are tangle-free. Make sure you use a pre-conditioning treatment before shampooing in order to reduce drying of the hair.

Brushing Body wave human hair: Do not comb you body wave hairstyle with a fine comb. Do brush your Body wave hair with wide comb or finger comb. In this way, the body wave hairstyle will be maintained better. Be remember that you can get your body wave curl back use curling iron.

Caring for Body wave hair at Night: When you go to sleep at night, wrap your Brazilian Hair Body Wave with scalp to prevent it move about.