If you are purchasing a wig due to a medical reason, or if you just want to look fabulous, getting the right shape to compliment your face is incredibly important.


Browsing online shops for wigs may be easier but there is always a 50% chance that the style might not suit you. What you want is to find the style that will suit your face – not the model who wears it online.


There are different styles that you can choose from such as long, curly hair, straight hair or short wig styles, but these will not always complement your facial features. So, before you buy human hair wigs, it is best to know which style is best for you. There are a few ways you can work out your face shape.


How To Work Out Your Face Shape:


Mirror: Stand in front of the mirror and look at the full outline of your face. Use something that can be easily removed from the mirror surface, a bar of soap or lipstick for example, and trace the outline of your face onto the mirror to identify your face shape.


Photograph: Alternatively you can use a recent portrait photograph and using a tracing paper and a pencil, trace the outline of your face onto a piece of paper.


Measurement: First, take the following measurements (in inches or centimeters):


1. Forehead: Pull the tape measure from the peak of one eyebrow arch to the peak of the opposite arch. Record that number.


2. Cheekbones: Measure across your upper cheeks, starting and ending at the sharp bump below the outer corner of each eye.


3. Jawline: Measure from the tip of your chin to the point below your ear where your jaw angles upward. Multiply that number by two.


4. Face length: Measure from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin.


Write down these four measurements. Note which is the largest, and use the information below to determine your face shape.


There are five standard face shapes: oval, round, heart, long and square.


face shape 


Choosing A Human Hair Wigs For Your Face Shape:


OVAL: The oval face shape is typically narrower at the jaw with a gently rounded hairline and the length of your face is around one and half times the width. The oval face shape is considered as the ‘ideal’ face shape as it is symmetrical with proportional features due to no dominant characteristics.


If you have this face shape then you will suit almost any wig, so the choice is yours! The most flattering wig styles for oval faces are ones that sit away from your face to accentuate its shape. Find the kind of style that accentuates your face shape like adding soft layers that frame the face to give emphasis to your eyes, chin and cheekbones. It might be best to avoid heavy bangs to give your face a subtle look.


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ROUND: If your hairline is wide and your face is short, full and broad, then you have a round face shape. Cheekbones and face lengths have a similar measurement. They are larger than forehead and jawline, which also have a similar measurement. The angle of the jaw is soft.


The widest part of a round-shaped face is where the cheeks and ears are situated. The best wigs for round face shapes are ones that create fullness and height at the crown and stay flattered at the cheekbones, to elongate the length of your face. Face frame wigs and wigs styles with an off-center parting also look great, as they help to soften the fullness in your cheeks. Avoid blunt cuts which round at the jawline, as this will mirror your face shape and add even more weight to the roundness at your jaw. Longer hair wigs are a great choice for round face shape, to complement the rounder parts of the cheeks and jawline.


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HEART: A heart face shape typically has a wide forehead, high angular cheekbones and narrow chin,  which looks like an upside-down triangle. Often, heart-shaped faces have a ‘widow’s peak’ hairline.


The professional wig designer team recommends that you try to use Long Bob wigs. Long Bobs are great for any heart-shaped face because they take the focus off the jawline and elongate the face, creating balance. Side parts also work well by adding softness and drawing emphasis away from any disproportion. A middle part and straight hair skim the widest part of a heart-shaped face helping it look narrower. Long layers balance out the features by hitting way below the widest part and closer to the jawline. A collarbone length help draws the focus down.


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LONG: Long face shapes tend to have narrow width and extended length, making the chin pointed. Usually the forehead and jawline appear a similar width and the sides of the cheeks, particularly at the cheek line, are straight.


Overall, for a long face shape the idea is to add more width rather than height. A chin-length wig is a great look for long face shape, or a mid-length style that hits between the chin and shoulders. Keeping the style of the wig to waves and relaxed curls is an ideal way to add that width and volume that’s needed to add a balance to the face shape. A much shorter hair length can compliment long faces too, just be sure to have short enough layers to add some volume and stick to soft, curved edges rather than straight.


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SQUARE: A square-shaped face is when your face makes a “squared shape”. The forehead and jawline are around the same width. There are hairstyles for your human hair wig that can flatter and soften this look to create more angles to the face.


As you have a strong jawline and hairline it’s best to steer clear from straight, angular hairstyles. What’s more, avoid straight styles that end at the jawline as they will overemphasize the angles of your face. Try and find a wig that adds height on the top to elongate your symmetrical shape and narrows at the sides, creating the illusion of length. Softening the face is key for a flattering look so opt for a layered or wavy style to break up the strong angles of your face. Furthermore, wigs that have a fringe work really well for square-shaped faces, but ensure you find one with a longer hair length in order to compliment your face shape.


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After successfully recognizing the shape of your face and satisfied with the choice of wig style, you can continue to try various styles. However, please do not force yourself to follow this guide, because choosing a wig is to feel comfortable and happy in any style. If you have any questions, please contact our experienced professional team for useful wig suggestions.