100% Remy hair 

100% remy hair is collected in a way that all hair strands stay in a single direction and has the highest quality. Remy hair weave comes from a single donor, which ensures consistency in texture. And that the hair cuticles are intact to maintain the natural texture pattern and cuticle direction. This clear away hair weave tangling problems which is often happens in non-Remy hair. Remy human hair weaves is more expensive due to its high quality.

Non-remy human hair weft

On the other hand, the non-remy human hair wefts is of an inferior quality than the remy human hair. The non-remy hair types come from more than one source and is often made of hair that is neither of a good build or smoothness. Also the cuticles are not uni-directional facing which makes them easy to get tangled and messy. Therefore non-remy hair is usually not appreciated by users. This kind of hair primarily is constituted of a thicker variety which mostly comes from Indian hair.

Choosing high quality Human hair weaves can be achieved by  buying at a reputed hair mall. The seller can guarantee the hair they supplied is of the quality they promised and customer demanded. Beautyforever hair mall guarantee that their human hair wefts, hair closure, hair bundles is of good quality with free shiping. Check reviews of previous customers and get the information you needed. Human hair wefts have various textures and types, choose the one you wanted.