During summer season, there’s no doubt that everyone is sweaty even though they just came out from a fresh bath. Sweat can cause skin irritation especially to those individual who has sensitive skin. Sweat can be found all over the body, including scalp of the hairline. This sweat in the hairline can cause the itchiness of the scalp. Here are some ways on how to deal with a sweaty hairline in the summer heat:

1. Wash your hair thoroughly

- Start it with your shower, make sure that you will treat your hair with a good conditioner and shampoo since blow drying, flat irons or ironing your hair can cause a lot of damage plus the heat from the devices (Blow dryer and iron) can be absorbed by the scalp causing your hairline to sweat. Make sure to wash your hair properly, leaving no residue of shampoo and conditioner.

2. Remove much moisture as possible

- Make sure that your hair is completely dry before you step out of the summer heat. As much as possible, your hair should be dried, before you can style your hair.

3. Protect your hair

- This means that before you flat iron your hair, make sure to apply heat protecting spray for your hair not to be damage.

4. Massage your scalp

- Massaging your scalp can relax it, you’ll get the feeling of refreshment even you are under the heat of the sun, and you’ll not sweat much.

5. Tie your hair

- Tying your hair, half or full, will give you ease in doing things and reduce the heat that you feel when you are under the heat of the sun. Don’t let your hair down into your neck, it will cause to trap the heat and make your scalp sweat.

6. Wear a hat

- Knowing that the heat from the sun can make you sweat, and irritate your scalp make sure to have something that can protect your scalp. Wearing hat or having umbrella will do. Make sure that before wearing a hat your hair is completely dry.

Sweating is good for the body, but too much sweat can cause an individual dehydration. Drinking water can also help you in feeling refreshed and reduce the heat that you feel making you sweat a lot. It is important to take care of the scalp for the reason that it is the base of the hair and if it is damage so does the hair. Taking a bath every day and washing thoroughly will definitely make you feel better and reduce the heat that you feel. It is important to leave no evidence or residue of shampoo and conditioner and make your hair completely dry when going out during summer.