1.What Kind Of Hair Holds Color The Best And Why?

Virgin human hair wig is the best hair wig to use for coloring. The reason why is that virgin hair is very porous and will absorb the color better in comparison to other types of hair.


 Lace Front Wigs Balayage Color


2.What Is The Difference Between Professional Wig Coloring Versus At Home Wig Coloring?

Wig coloring professionals and at-home colorists often use different techniques. Professionals understand the art of coloring and use a “color system”. At- home colorists often use “box dyes”. These two systems have different results.


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3.What Is The Differences Between Coloring A Wig With Coloring Your Own Hair?

You have more versatility with coloring a wig. With wigs you can switch it up and experiment with different styles and all types of colors. With your own hair you may have to actually grow that color out in order to move forward with another color process.


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4.What Is The Biggest Misconception About Wig Dyeing?

People tend to think that dyeing a wig will damage the hair or wig. This is not true. If your dyeing is done by a professional and treated and cared for correctly, it will be just fine.


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5.How To Choose The Hair Color That Flattering You? 

Dark-skinned girls with dark skin, it is best not to choose black, all long straight hair dyed linen texture maroon, so your face will look a lot of white. 
Many girls will be the long straight hair from the shoulder position down the big wave perm, the whole hairstyle becomes a lot of fashion trends, you can dye all the long hair dark maroon so that girls dull skin color will immediately look bright and translucent. 
For dark-skinned girls with the dark complexion, the most suitable hair color is maroon, and low-key, inconspicuous maroon can easily conceal the girl's dark complexion.


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6.What Are The Coloring Tips You Should Know Before dyeing A Wig?

Tips 1: Read The Dyeing Instructions Carefully
Be sure to read the instructions carefully before dyeing. Note that it is not appropriate to dye hair during certain periods, such as pregnancy and physiological period. Try to avoid hair dyeing during this time. Finally, if redness, allergies, etc. appear after dyeing, it is recommended that you seek medical attention immediately.

Tips 2: Be Loyal To The Primary Hair Colors
Whether your hair's color is a natural or has changed when you select a new hair color, you must be loyal to your primary colors, choose according to your original hair color is tonal. Whether you want to be dyed deep or dye shallow, cannot distance your former color more than two Numbers of color, otherwise would be too exaggerated. 

Tips 3: Be Careful With Curly Human Hair Wig
Because curly human hair wig is more easy to absorb hair dye than straight human hair wig, and more easily damaged. So when you dye your wig, remember to reduce the dye component. Then replace dye component with distilled water, and mix it up and use it as usual. 

Tips 4: Make Sufficient Reserves Before Dying
Usually a can of hair dye, enough for the middle long hair wig to use once (that is, hair to the shoulder area). If your wig is particularly long or particularly thick, make sure you have enough reserves before you dye your long human hair wig, or you'll be too embarrassed to get half your fuel.


 Highlights Hair Loose Wave Hair T Part Wig


7.What Are The Essential Wig Coloring Tools You Will Need?

You will need a plastic cape, gloves, mixing bowl, spatula, wide tooth comb, brush, color brush, aluminum foil, clean surface and the coloring products of your choice. 


8.What Are The dyeing Steps You Should Follow?

Step 1: Wash The Wig To Remove Styling Products
If the wig is smeared, you need to wash the wig several days before coloring it to remove any modeling products buildup . Do not hold too much force when shampooing,and Do not apply conditioner or styling product to the wig before coloring. Allow it to dry completely before coloring.

Step 2: Secure The Wig
Secure the clean, dry wig to the wig head using T-pins. Comb through the wig to remove tangles.
The best way to color a wig is to lay it flat on a solid surface. Laying it flat allows you to distribute the coloring agents and product evenly.

Step 3: Wear Gloves And Mix The Hair Color
If you are doing your own hair dye, remember to wear disposable gloves to reduce the direct contact between the dye and the skin. Mix the hair color in the bowl according to package directions.

Step 4: Apply The Color To The Wig
Use the hair color brush to apply the color to the human hair wig. Make sure all strands of hair are thoroughly covered. Keep the color away from the hair knots at the base of the wig as well as the wig's cap.

Step 5: Wait 10 Minutes For The Color To Set
Don't think that the longer the hair dye stays in the hair, the more color it will be! This is the myth of mistake. Remember, the hair dye is not more than 1 hour in the hair.

Step 6: Washing Water After Dyeing
Remove the wig from the wig head and rinse in lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Apply the after-color conditioner and leave it on for the length of time stated on the package's directions. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 7: Let The Wig To Dry Thoroughly
Put the human hair wig on a towel and blot to remove excess water, replacing wet towels if necessary. Pin the wig back onto the wig head and comb through gently. Allow the wig to dry thoroughly.

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