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How To Get Headband Wigs To Stay In Place?

There is no doubt that headband wigs are a good option for beginners because they are easy to install, and have no lace, requires no glue or other adhesive to attach. But a problem emerges, that it is hard to hold the wig in place, which hinders the follower's step to catch up with female stars who wear headband wigs and look so pretty on TV. Read on, this article is going to tell you how to get human hair headband wigs to stay in place.


What are headband wigs?


 Best Headband Wigs



As the name indicates, headband wigs are the wigs with a headband on the front of the wig cap. Hair is sewed on the breathable and soft wig cap but keep the place of headband empty. A headband wig cover the hairline and give you a natural appearance without spending time to style the hairline. Headband wigs are glueless wigs, which means there is no need to cut off lace around your forehand and ear for realistic looking so that friendly to freshmen.


Why are headband wigs popular?


Headbands are a useful to help girls gather hair edges and tie hair up, get rid of the barrier of hair when washing. Based on this function, headband wigs are designed for the exposure of smooth forehand and tie all the hair edges along hairline up and hide inside the band. They get viral worldwide and greet with welcome by women, attribute to the real look and easy installation. Here are the full-fledge reason of their popularity.

1. Skin-friendly

For most human hair wigs, we have to attach them with the help of glue or other spray adhesives. Some harmful elements of glue or spray have the possibility to give rise to allergy, especially for pregnant women or allergic constitution. Skin-friendly headband wigs delete the structure of lace, and replace lace with headband to decorate and balance facial structure. Never worry about adverse allergic reaction.

2. Change various headband by your heart

 Best Headband Wigs



Normally, headbands on the wig cap are dark and thin. It provides you a choice to cover another colorful and beautiful headband on the precious one. And for multiple clothes styles, hairstyles and occasions, changing the style of headband to suit for different occasions and weather is available. In addition, a nice headband can elevate your temperament and give you a more beautiful appearance. Good mind comes with a pretty look, confidence follows behind.

3. Easy to install and remove



It is the most attractive advantages for people. Lace frontal wigs all need much time to install perfectly with several practices. For headband wigs, clips onside the wig cap help to fix the wig. The headband and an elastic band on the nape also has this effect.

Clip the wig into dense hair or another cap prepared by yourself is great, but for people who have thin hair texture and a flat forehead or suffer hair loss, it is a challenge to stay the wig in place. A tight hair cap may solve this problem, but increase the thickness of wig and too hot to bear on summer.


How to keep wig stay in place?


1. Gluing or sewing Velcro to Headbands



The principle of this method is to increase the friction between natural hair and the wig. Prepare a strip of Velcro tape about 1 inch (2.54 cm), narrower than the headband. The Velcro can be any color. Due to the dark color of headband, the exposure of Velcro tape will never happen.

If you get used to sewing things, sew it onto the back of the headband is a good option. Better to sew it in the middle of a headband. Please make sure to sew tightly and prevent it from falling off.

Gluing Velcro to headbands is also available. Use the puffy paint method, but with hot glue. Avoid self-adhesive Velcro. The glue isn't very strong, and it will create a sticky, gummy messnot a good combination for hair! Then, cut the Velcro so that it's 1 inch (2.54 cm) shorter length as the headband for the elastic feature of headbands. Hot glue the Velcro to the underside of the headband. Turn your headband inside out so that you can see the back of it. Working 1 inch (2.54 cm) at once, apply hot glue to the back of the Velcro, and press it against the headband. If you don't have hot glue, use fabric glue instead. It will work just fine, but it will take longer to dry.


2. Wear a wig grip before

A wig grip like a headband that works to fix the wig. It's essentially a headband worn over our hair and underneath the wig to prevent the wig from slipping off. Wig grips are made with double-sided material to make sure the grip itself stays securely in place on the head, as well as prevents the wig from sliding off the grip.

Easier than gluing or sewing Velcro to headbands, just wear a wig grip, then wear the headband wig. Wigs falling off will not trouble you if you use this convenient way.

Headband wigs are certainly a very convenient wig with changeable hairstyles. It is pity to give up with this type of wigs alone only for a falling-off trouble. If you also face the same dilemma, you can try two methods above. It promises you a good effect.

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