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How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair?

One of the biggest barriers to a perfect hairstyle is oily hair. As an envoy of beauty spreading, Beautyforever has some useful tips to deal with this problem.


What are the factors of oily hair?

Weather plays an important role in producing oil, but not a crucial role. In summer, high temperature increases sweat, which mixes with the sebum on the scalp so that generate and spreading more oil on hair.


Hair texture, in other words, the thickness of hair influences hair appearance. Just like thick clothes could absorb more water than thin ones, strong and coarse hair texture withstand scalp oil longer than fine and thin hair. Most fine hair texture will only leave a greasy scalp alone in just one day and look oily then.

hair texture

Generally, if you apply V part wigs or U part wigs every day with a thin natural hair texture, it is possible for the wig to appear oily as time goes by. Because there is no cover, such as wig caps, to stop the spread of greasiness. You have to take care of it, or it may ruin your hairstyle.

And hair length does not matter. No matter you have long hair or short hair, or you wear a 30 inches human hair wig, only the scalp will produce oil.

hair length

Frequent wash times contribute to oily hair. As we all know, our body has a natural oil layer, not only on the skin but also on the scalp. Natural oil works well on protecting hair roots, feeding hair nutrients, and flattering hair luster. Too much hair washing destroys and strips the natural oil from the scalp. To prevent our scalp from damage and keep it healthy, our body will generate more oil to cover the scalp. In the end, your hair will appear greasy, although you wash it every day.

wash hair

In addition, once you've trained your hair into a regular rinse, it can feel icky and greasy if you try and eke an extra day out of it. If your hair adjusts to being washed every day, it will react dramatically once you change the schedule.


How to deal with greasy hair?

1. Increase hair volume

Flat hair that closes to your scalp is easy to be greasy due to inevitable oil among hair roots. Image, natural oil is painting pigment, the bigger area of the wall is, the lighter color will show. Use hair dryers, hair rollers, heat irons, and so on to make hair more fluffy and have more volume, your hair will be fresher and keep a great appearance for a long time.

Curly hairstyles are better than straight hairstyles. Styling your hair or V part wigs with tools by yourself at home is a good option. According to your preference, you can make body wave, kinky curly, or Jerry curly hairstyle.

2. Apply sulfate-free shampoo

It is recommended to use sulfate-free shampoos if you suffer from greasy hair. Shampoos that include sulfate ingredients have strong cleansing effects but would dry out your scalp, then lead to severe oil. Overusing sulfate shampoos is not good for hair health and gloss for a long time. So, pick the gentle one, sulfate-free shampoo is the better choice.

3. Wash your hair regularly

Bear in mind: too often hair washing is the culprit of greasy hair. Generally speaking, cleansing your hair twice or once a week is enough for fine hair. There is no need to wash your hair every day. Train your hair to adjust the regular washing schedule. In the beginning, you may feel itchy for long washing intervals. Trust me, hair will get used to it after half a month.

4. Only apply conditioner on the end level of the hair


Conditioners feed the hair, shine hair luster, and play a significant role in hair maintenance. However, conditioner intensifies greasy hair because it contains oil ingredients.

Every time you finish cleansing hair, please just smear hair conditioner on the ends of the hair. Remember, if you wear wigs daily, apply a special conditioner made for wigs.





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