Do you regret cutting off your long hair? If your hair is too short, will you feel uncomfortable? So let us show you how to speed up your hair growth.


1. Usually comb your hair

Combing your human hair with your fingers before going to bed can promote blood circulation in the head; and let your head relax at that time; also, it has a good effect on your sleep.


2. Keep your hair clean

If you want your hair to grow well, you must keep your hair clean and wash your hair with shampoo. If you have hair extensions, please wash carefully. Finally, thoroughly rinse your hair. Do not leave any residue on the hair; otherwise, it will plug your pores.


3. Regularly cut hair

If your hair is too thick and heavy, will make your scalp dry, it will affect the quality of hair. So you need to go to a barber shop to make your hair thinner. If you find some split hair, please cut it off. After a period of time, the hair will grow up.