However, curling hair is not as easy at it sounds even with the use of curling tools. It can be hard and tricky to master especially if you do not have the proper training on doing it.

Yet, you can have awesome hair curls without the need to go to salon. The following are tips that will help you create the perfect curls that you’ve been wanting for. A do-it-yourself method will do help.

• Get a high quality curling iron

Most women would use a curling iron as one of the tools used for curling hair. The fact that they are abundant in the market means that you have to select the best one to use. By knowing the material of the tool, you can come up with the best choice, leading to perfect hair curls.

• Heat the iron at the right temperature

Heat is an essential factor that can either give you perfect or a disaster curls. It is important to heat up the curling iron to its right temperature for best results. Most iron include a guide in the package about setting the heat temperature, you can refer to it for instruction.

• See to it that the hair has dried up completely

Before even trying to curl your hair with the iron, you need to make sure that your hair is dry completely. Once you put the hot iron when your hair is still damp, it can lead to a serious damage. To assure that your hair will dry evenly, use a hair blower to treat the damp sides of your hair.

• Brush to untangle hair

Once the hair is dry, you will notice that there are tangled hair. To treat, brush the hair with slow downward strokes until it is ready for styling. Apply a protection spray on the hair to prevent it from excessive damage brought by high temperature from the iron. Apply or spray liberally throughout the hair.

• Divide the hair into sections

Working on smaller divisions of hair is much easier when curling. A pin or clip will do to hold your hair for some time. Gradually, take a portion of your hair that you want to curl. It must be the size that you want to see on the curls. Of course, smaller sections result to small curls and bigger sections to big curls.

• Begin curling

After you’re done with the rest of the procedures, you may now begin with curling. Slowly wrap your hair on the curling iron and wait for a number of minutes that the heat will allow the hair to curl. As soon as you know that your hair is ready, you can now unroll it from the curler to see the results.

Making perfect curls is just easy once you know how it is done. Following these tips can help you all the way in this endeavor.