Start to sewing

Attach hair weave bundle to your needle and thread, insert the curved needle under the braided hair and bring it up.


Attach your human hair weft

Hold the needle and insert it into the seam of hair weft which is at the front of the hair extension. Take the hair weave up and try to cover the cornrow with hair weft. Insert the needle below the cornrow and pull the thread gently, leaving a loop. If the braided hair extended beyond your hair weft, just fold it back onto the head as you attach the hair weaves.


Make a knot

After you thread your curved needle through your braided hair, thread the needle through the loop you left at the end of your last sewing. Pull the thread firmly to make sure the hair weaves attached to the braided hair firmly.


Continue sew in hair extensions

Continue to sewing your hair bundle about a 1⁄2 inch away from your last sewing. Continue sewing your extension along the part line keeping your stitches neat and a uniform 1/2-inch distance apart.


End the sewing

When you are one sewing of your human hair bundles left, thread the needle through the front of the hair bundle and tack the two folded ends to one another. Do not sewing through the braided hair again, make two or three stitches to fold the folded end onto itself. After that, put your needle through one stitch, pull through it and create a loop, then put your needle through the loop your created to make a knot. Make several knots for security of hair weave sew in.


Trim your sewn in hair weave if necessary

Depending on what hairstyle you want and how you wear your hair weaves, you may need to trim your sewn in hair wefts to get a new hairstyle and to help your hair weaves blend more perfect with your natural hair.