Beautyforever hair has the best quality hair weft and it can be woven to cover bald scalp. That is to say, hair weaves is woven to the root part of customer's hair to make it grows with your own hair naturally. Moreover, when your hair weave is installed by a professional stylist, it will not fall out.

What type of Hair is suitable for hair weaving?
Hair Weaving/braiding is suitable for everyone and of any Hair type like straight, wavy, curly and also suitable for any hair Length.

Hair Weaving Techniques
There are many of the skills to weave human hair. The most usual technique is to sewn it on artificial Scalp.The advantages of this hair weaving skill is good adaptability and flexibility. The process of washing, combing, oiling and other process can be done without damaging the scalp.

Netting technique refers to braid natural tresses under a thin, ventilate net that serves as a flat surface onto which stylists can weave extensions. Netting human hair weave provides more flexibility than track placement because the stylist is not limited to sewing extensions to a braid. This style can last for up to three months if properly maintained.

Tape Skin weft
Tape Skin weft is a popular hair weaving technique to add volume to your natural hair. Strand of hair are glued to the roots of your own hair with a special adhesive. In case of damaging your own hair, tracks shouldn't be left in longer than a week or two.

Clip In Hair Extensions
Clip in hair extensions is a most permanent technique of hair weaving. The clippings can be worn all day and all night, however, they must be removed before sleeping. Some people wear clippings just for nights out and others will wear them everyday to work. Which shows the versatility of clip in hair extension.