Lace frontal closure to acheive invisible hairline

While we are wearing hair weaves, what is the primary target we want to achieve? It is invisible hairline, makes it looks just like as our hair. Beautyforever hair Lace frontal closure use invisible light lace to cover the top of your hairline. Its lace frontal closures are able to provide invisible undetectable hairline without leaving out.


Lace frontal closure can be used to close hair weaves, hair extensions. Together with 3-4 hair bundles, one can install a full head of hair weave. Our closures are perfect for balding and thinning hair at the crown, or just worn as a protective style to avoid leaving any hair out. Lace closures are easy to install and maintain. Beautyforever hair closures are available in all textures and styles. Curly lace frontal, Straight lace closure, Body wave closure are available in Beautyforever hair mall.


New 360 lace frontal 

Lately, Beautyforever launched a new lace frontal type-360 lace frontal. After launching, the products are well received by customers and cause a shopping spree. Beautyforever hair 360 lace frontal has the feature of easy to install and maintain, affordable price, invisible hairline, no shedding and tangling.