And just as there are many different ways to style a natural hair, there are many different kinds of lace wigs to style. Lace Front wig, Full Lace've got options. Whether you’re a naturalist who wants to switch it up without putting stress on your strands, or you’re simply looking for a change without the commitment, Lace wigs are an incredibly versatile and convenient option to consider.


People don’t like to put heat on [or color] their natural hair. With these wigs, you can change your hairstyle frequently without ruining the integrity of your natural hair. So you get this flawless look without having to press out your edges or color your hair time after time.


Interested in trying a wig but don’t know where to start? Look no further. Ahead, with the help of Beautyforever and other professionals, is the full rundown of everything you need to know about wigs.


Synthetic Wig vs Natural Wig


Presumably you know something about synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. Good wigs are made of human hair, so Wigs can get expensive. And synthetic wigs are much cheaper, sometimes less than $100. synthetic wigs often last only a few months, or less if you’re rocking them regularly. But, with proper care, you can use human hair wigs for a few years.


Types of Lace Wigs


1. Lace Front Wigs


The lace front wig has different lace sizes. Common ones are 4x4, 13x4 and 13x6 Inch. These are typically human hair made, with a closure (a hairpiece that looks like your natural scalp) sewn on the unit's crown that can only be parted one or two ways in the front. Afterward, tracks are sewn on the back of the unit from ear to ear. They can cost between $60 and $300.


body wave lace wigs


2. Full Lace Wigs


Usually made with human hair and constructed from a lace cap, “a full-lace wig is a ventilated unit that has versatility [and] allows you to part your hair in any direction. No matter what hairstyle you want, ponytail or corn ear, the full lace wig has unlimited styling options. Also, full lace wigs are more realistic looking than other wigs that can be purchased on the market today. The full lace wigs are also more comfortable and lightweight compared to other traditional wig options. A full lace wig can set you back $100 to $350, depending on the quality.


full lace wig


3. Lace Front Bob Wigs


If you’re looking for a way to save money, lace front bob wigs are the answer! A chic, short hair lace front bob wig can help to keep you cool during the warmer months, allowing the wind to pass through your neck and scalp. Lace front bob wigs are known to be healthier than longer wig styles. Why? The answer is twofold: less exposure to the elements and reduces heat damage. ranging from $60 to $150.


lace front bob wigs


4. 360 Lace Wigs


360 Lace Wigs is one of the latest go-to option for bundles and lace frontal closures wearers. As discussed previously, these 360 lace wigs are made by adding wefts in the middle from a standard 22x5x2.5 measured 360 Band Lace Frontal hair piece, which gives the wig wearer optional styling without exposing the wefts from the original sized 13x4-13x6 Lace Frontal in the past. With the advancement of the 360 Lace Wigs you can achieve several uniquely styled up-do hairstyles without the over exposure of your bundles, 360 lace around coverage that suits best for ponytails and updo styles. as well it saves time on sewing the bundle hair extensions with the likes of previously consumed lace closure pieces. ranging from $80 to $300.


360 lace wig


5. HD Lace Wigs


HD lace texture totally melts into the scalp which makes the lace look the same as the scalp and the hairline less visible due to the lighter and softer lake, the HD invisible lace frontal nearly cause no itchy or irritated feel. An HD lace wig can set you back $70 to $300.


hd lace wig


6. Fake Scalp Wigs


Pre-Made Fake Scalp Wig is also called Pre-Made Bald Cap Wig that comes with a fake scalp constructed. It adopts a new fake scalp method that addresses the stiffness caused by the glue method and makes it reusable with no washing problems. With the Fake Scalp/ Bald Cap Wig, you don't have to do cornrows, to use wig caps, to do bald cap method or fake scalp method. This Fake Scalp method perfectly teams up with the bleached knots serving the most natural skin parting. The hairline is pre-plucked to be natural, the elastic band is also pre-sewed for secure and snug glueless wearing. This is the ultimate wig that you can put on the head and step out the door.


Fake Scalp Lace Wig


7. Custom Wigs


As the name suggests, these are human-hair wigs created specifically for one person, with head circumference and style preferences in mind. Buy bundles with lace frontal/closure, $ 5 Make Into Wig. What are the advantages?


      * Cheaper than wigs of the same size and style.


      * Product density will be greater.


      * No need to go to a hair salon to install, reducing extra expenses.



Wig Maintenance


You should care for them as you would your own hair. That said, with wigs, in particular, there are some key factors to keep in mind to extend the life of your unit. Take off custom units and store-bought wigs every night and store them on a mannequin head. however, wear a silk bonnet or scarf at night to protect the hair and keep it in tip-top shape.


1. Wash your wig with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner


Your own hair benefits from the oils produced by your scalp, but wigs don't have a natural source of moisture, so you should avoid cleansing them with products that contain harsh detergents. This is where sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners come in: They work as gentle cleansers, so you won't damage the integrity of the hair.


2. Don't wash them too much


How often you should be washing your wigs depends on how frequently you wear them. If you wear a wig daily, washing it twice a month is sufficient to ensure hair remains bouncy and fresh-looking for as long as possible. But if you only wear a wig once in a while, a once-a-month wash will suffice. Never wash wigs more than twice in any given month, or you can risk damaging the unit and shortening its lifespan.


3. Keep all wigs on a mannequin head when not in use


Unless your wig is sewn to your head, I suggests getting a mannequin head where you can rest it between wears. This also works as a great way to keep your wig's hairstyle intact as you get ready to go out. Leave it on the stand, then slip it on before heading out the door.


4. Never use heavy oils or styling creams


You don’t want to weigh the hair down, so it’s best to avoid anything that will make it look greasy or leave residue that has to be washed out later.


Ultimately, the key to a flawless installation is maintaining perfectly-manicured edges. If you have long baby hair, your lace wig should probably have them, too. Mimicking your own edges is one major key to achieving a flawless illusion. It keeps people guessing.