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Malaysian Body Wave Vs Brazilian Body Wave

In this blog I am going to talk about the different, pros and cons of Brazilian body wave and Malaysian body wave.

Malaysian Hair

  • Malaysian hair is soft and has a natural curl pattern. Malaysian hair could be a great fit for women with natural or texturized hair. If you are a natural hair wearer, Malaysian hair will blends well with your hair and seems very natural.


  • It comes in different textures: wavy, curly and silky straight, although the body wave do not lasts very long, but it gives a very beautiful wavy pattern. And you can style and curl it if you wish since it is all virgin hair.


  • And if you love you hair is full of volume and thickness, Malaysian body wave would be a great option. There are various Malaysian hairstyles online. And today I am going to talk about the hot sell body wave. Malaysian body wave curl pattern makes it easy to style and maintain hair. After it is washed it goes back to its original state with a looser wave. This is 100% virgin hair that is double wefted.


Malaysian Body Wave

Malaysian body wave is very beautiful and give a fullness volume, has a natural shinny look and holds curls quite well. Malaysian body wave hair has the unique ability to change or transform your entire appearance in a way that looks 100 percent natural, affordable as well as fun.


Featuring an undeniable variety of brands, a wide range of styles and cuts, Beauty Forever Hair has the selection of top-quality classy Malaysian body wave and hair extension is specially designed to help you change your entire appearance and improve your beauty, that helps you radiate the confidence.·


Brazilian Hair

  • Brazilian hair is a standout amongst the most widely recognized sorts of human virgin hair acquired. It is known for its luxurious texture. This hair has a full body, bouncy and silky, soft feel to touch.


  • Brazilian Hair available in wavy, straight or curly surfaces. Brazilian hair holds a curl exceptionally well and tends to hold curl longer than most other hair textures.


  • Brazilian hair is soft and smooth and mixes well with permed or texturized hair. Beauty Forever Brazilian hair can keep going for over a year as long as it is all around kept up after introduce.


  • It doesn't require uncommon upkeep, yet washing and styling in any event once seven days goes far. Applying leave in conditioner in the middle of washes will keep your hair new and noticing extraordinary.  


Brazilian Body Wave

Beauty Forever Brazilian Body Wave extensions are made of luxurious 100% virgin Brazilian remy hair, this hair has the tender wavy texture, it's  thick and coarse, giving you that fresh look and versatility you’ve always dreamed of at a value that absolutely can't be beaten.


With Beauty Forever’s Brazilian Body Wave, you can enjoy your hair with confidence knowing that you’re receiving the highest quality body wave hair that is long-lasting with no breakage or shedding. Beauty Forever providing completely authentic virgin Brazilian body wave hair to make our customers feel and look fabulous.


The waves of Brazilian Body Wave Virgin Hair can easily be maintained and last for a long time.  It also can be worn wavy naturally or flat ironed straight or curled to your desire. This hair can be bleached or dyed to any color. If you wear them in the same shade as your own strands, no one will notice the difference – just a fabulous crowning glory. With proper care this hair can last 1-2 years. 


You can enjoy Beauty Forever coupon: beauty for very order of human hair in Beauty Forever Mall.



Malaysian body wave hair comes in its common natural black and is 100% human virgin hair. Malaysian body wave hair requires less washes than Brazilian body wave hair, however you should utilize an extraordinary leave-in conditioner no less than 3 to 4 time for each week if not washed week by week.

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