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Plenty Of Braids Patterns For Lace Front Human Hair Wigs--Tidy And Convenient

Braids are actually the foundation of any wigs hairstyles so keep the security of braids is significant. Only we do long-lasting braids that fixed on the place tight, wigs installation could be smooth.

And for a good look, flat braids are better than compressed ones. Considered braids as hooks on the wall, the raised hooks will hold the product not against the wall tightly.

Braid Patterns For You


Different sew-in braid patterns are designed for multiple hairstyles you may want to get. Here are five fashion braid hairstyles that proved to be available for impeccable hair installation. Ready? Let us go!




You can regard the Vixen braid as an entirety consisting of four small beehives. It has a more complicated part method and section your hair into four part. Three or two sections are also available if you do not need to apply them to Kinky Curly human hair lace front wigs. In addition, you should leave out the hair along your head edge and braid them into a whole braid as the wall encircled four small beehives.

This braid hairstyle for women is not advisable for people who have thin or medium fragile hair. It needs and leaves too much hair exposed to the air, which may cause hair damage for some reason. And it let the hair be in a state of tension for a long time, not friendly to your scalp and hair roots.

U part with leave-out


   u part with leave out

U part braid pattern with leave-out is made for U part wig. It consists of two parts: straight cornrow and U part. Find the middle line of your body and leave it out 1 to 2 inches from the line. If you have very thick and strong hair, this part could be bigger, and it will not have any bad impact on wig-wearing but give you a more natural appearance. And the U part should extend to the center of your ears, measured from the top of your head. From the straight-back braids, you can some thick cornrows downward. But thick cornrows are not the best style for natural looking because it leaves out such a large chunk of hair. So more thin cornrows are recommended.




Diagonal braids are perfect for hairstyles involving swooped bangs or angled parts because of their own angles.

Part a section across the front for the braided section, start braiding your hair directly from temple to temple and leave out a small horizontal area at the nape. Braid the remainder of the back section all the back and the leave-out section at the nape while leaving a space between each braid, and ensure each braid follows diagonals. Then, incorporating the braided ends, sew down the end of the braids to make sure they are secure.




Do you like curly hair? Would you want to try a body wave wig for a pretty appearance? If you do, choose to make a beehive for a quick braid hairstyle. A beehive braid is like a special signal, the braiding of hair is in a circular pattern, beginning with the outside of your hair and ending in the middle. Generally, it starts at the nape, a circle enfolds another. The result is a flat, neat braid that is impeccable for all kinds of sew-ins, even short wigs, and extensions. Because this type of braid leave out no hair hanging down.

Cornrow Braid Pattern With Leave-out 



This pattern is the most popular pattern of sew-in braids and is easy to learn. Leaving out a few inches of hair at your hairline allows you to style your edges and make a cute bang, which could cover your forehead and balance your face. The middle part behind the leave-out part braids the typical cornrow pattern throughout your head. Finally, you need to blend all the braid ends together, or you can sew them in, just make sure they are fixed on your head.

How to sew in wigs?

All these braid patterns are made for sewing in wigs, that why they have to be against your scalp and hold the place on your head tight. Neat braids with space left out facilitate wig installation.

After finishing braids styling, the next step, of course, the crucial step, is to attach the weft. Thread a curved needle, pull the thread through until there is an equal amount on both sides, then tie the two loose ends together with a secure knot.

613 blonde

Insert the needle underneath the cornrow and bring it up. Make sure the point of the needle should now pointing back at you. Take the needle and insert it into the front of the extension (or lace closure track) right below the seam. Please be sure that your needle goes under both your hair and the track. Cover the cornrow with your wig, layer by layer, until your hair looks natural.


Wash and shampoo your hair before braiding it.

Dry your hair and grease it (avoid dullness).

Spray some water into your hair (more tidy appearance).

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