Steps of Human hair weave processing

1. Classify virgin hair

To classify hair into different basket according to cusomer's needs of various hair quality, hair type, size and color. Beauty Forever has 4 hair types: Virgin Brazilian hair, Virgin Indian hair, Virgin Peruvian hair and Virgin Malaysian hair


2. Aciding
Remove the hair cuticle. After aciding, the hair will not tangle, the human hair after aciding is called remy hair.


3. Catalysis
Make human hair easier to fade.


4. Neutralize
That is acid-base neutralization, make sure acid and alkali in the right proportion.


5. Bleaching
To bleach the hair to the degree that you are sure that it can be dyed into the desired hair color. If not, it will cause discoloration, because the combination of the two colors will become another color. When bleaching the hair, the water should not be too hot and use too much dosage. Note: water temperature of 35 to 40 degrees is appropriate.


6. Human hair coloring
To color the human hair according to color palette provided by the customer.


7. Human hair washing
After dyeing the color, remember to wash the attached colored of the hair weave, drying the hair with dandruff comb.


8. Patting the Human hair
To pat the human hair and make the human hair evenly, uniformly and neatly.


9. Triple weft machine
Arrange human hair--seam human hair--cut the hair weave.


10. Combing
Combing the hair weave, pick out thread.


11. Post-treatment
Remove dirty things in the hair--wash the hair--conditioning the human hair--drying the hair


12. Curl hair-modeling the hair using roll tube.
Brazilian body wave hair, Malaysian curly hair, Indian natural wave, loose wave, deep wave weave are can be styled.


13. High temperature setting - place the rolled curly hair to setting cabinet to finalize the hair styling with high temperature.


14. Packaging - packaging the human hair according to customer requirements, place it directly into the finished product area. Ship the hair to customers.