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The Most Common Hair Mistakes You Should Avoid

Having healthy and shiny hair is essential as it not only enhances our beauty but it also makes us feel good. However, achieving that healthy hair is always a challenge for many people, Not just your own natural hair, but also your purchased human hair wigs. With so many hair products on the market, we tend to try each remedy to get a quick fix not knowing that these remedies can actually damage our hair.

But keeping your hair healthy is easy if you know the mistakes and habits that can damage your hair. In this article, we are going to explore some of the most common hair mistakes people make without realizing it. Here are some of the hair mistakes you should avoid:


1. Washing your hair too often or not enough


Washing your hair more than enough can actually strip it of its natural oils that keep it healthy, hence making it vulnerable to breaking. On the other hand, washing your hair less often is also not advisable. That’s because the pores on the scalp can become blocked from excessive oil, which can make it attract more debris and dirt. The rule of the thumb is to reduce the number of times you shampoo to about three to four times a week.


2. Rinsing your hair with hot water


Research shows that hot water can significantly damage your hair. When the water is too hot to touch, then it is too hot for your hair, too. Hot water can also strip the hair of its moisture and oils. When rinsing your hair, use lukewarm water as it can help seal your hair cuticles. And it can also add a little bit of shine that can last until your next wash.


3. Conditioning from the roots


This is also a common mistake that people make but aren’t aware that it can damage their hair. It is advisable to start at the midshaft of your hair towards the ends when applying conditioner. The ends of your hair are the oldest, which means they have been on your head for a very long time, contain a lower amount of moisture, and probably the most dead. This is why you need to focus more on this area when conditioning. It is not just about applying conditioner but applying the right amount.


The amount of conditioner you need basically depends on factors, such as the thickness, texture, and length of your hair. You can also ask your stylist about the correct amount of conditioner you should use on your hair.


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4. Combing wet hair


We all have made this mistake at some point. Many people tend to make this mistake in an attempt to avoid the hair from tangling or knotting. Wet hair is usually more elastic and delicate, so if you stretch it out with your brush; it can cause the strands to break. This is why you should brush your hair before entering the shower.
Brushing your hair gently before you get it wet is key to avoiding detangling afterward. If you are in a rush, you can gently comb through the tips of your hair from below to detangle them. Make sure that your hair dries off completely before you attempt to comb it from above.


5. Blow drying your hair daily


This is also a very common hair mistake people make. Due to the hectic timelines and tight schedules, people often think that the best way to dry their hair the quickest way is by blow-drying it. This isn’t the case. After you have washed your hair, you should let it dry naturally. You can just blow-dry your hair once in a while, but be sure not to overdo it.


Blow drying can remove the surface water of your hair and cause your hair to become dry, brittle, and rigid. If you can avoid washing and shampooing your hair daily, avoiding daily blow drying won’t be a problem.


6. Rough-drying hair with a bath towel


This is absolutely wrong. Many people generally use their towel on their entire body, including their hair immediately after coming out of the shower. But as mentioned above, don’t stretch and pull your wet hair. Instead of tousling your hair aggressively, you can twist it up in a nice, not tough towel. You can either do it right-side up or upside down, just choose whichever method you are comfortable with. The idea is to get the moisture out of your hair.


7. Styling hair with the wrong hairbrush or comb


There are different types of brushes and combs available that suit a wide range of hair textures. A very common mistake that many people tend to commit is using a hairbrush or comb that is not appropriate for their particular hair type.


To avoid this mistake, you need to find out which brush or comb is ideal for your hair and be sure to stick to it. If you are not sure which hairbrush or comb to use, there are plenty of guides online that can help you determine which brush or comb is suitable for your hair type. You can also talk to your hairstylist to help you find the best hairbrush or comb.


However, if you have either curly or straight hair, the natural boar bristle brushes are ideal for you. These types of hairbrushes are generally gentle on the hair, and smooth on cuticles, and they create a beautiful finish. Remember that choosing the right hairbrush or comb for your hair is one of the best ways to keep your strands healthy.


8. Using dirty styling tools


Another common mistake that many people are guilty of is the use of dirty styling tools. Over time, your styling tools, including your comb, brush, curling tong, and flat iron can become a hotbed for excess oil, dead hair, and germs. This is why you need to clean your styling tools to get rid of the dirt and oil buildup. Cleaning once a week is perfect.


To clean your brush, fill your sink with warm water and add a few drops of shampoo. Then massage your hairbrush or comb to remove any debris or dirt. For the flat iron or tong, use a wet towel or con to clean it.


 water hair care lead


9. Coloring or highlighting hair too often


It might seem quite fun to try out other looks by coloring your hair, but the truth is that coloring your hair is a chemical process that can really damage your strands. Take breaks between your colorings. If your at-home temporary hair color is not enough to give you the coloring you want, you can try using hair extensions to transform your strands.


10. Skipping to use a heat protectant before applying a hot tool


Think of a heat protectant like sunscreen. You can’t lie in the sun for too long without applying some sunscreen first, right? This is also the same when it comes to your hair. A heat protectant will protect your hair from potential damage caused by heat. It can also help keep your hair looking smooth and shiny. When using a heat protector, ensure that it fully penetrates your hair before you apply any hot tool.


11. Ignoring dandruff


Dandruff is a common hair issue that we all have had to deal with at some point. The only mistake that some people make is to avoid treating it and instead; just take the necessary measures to conceal it or mask it. Some people even look for hairstyles that can help conceal dandruff.


However, dandruff is a major issue that if left untreated, can cause hair loss. This is why it should be taken seriously. As soon as you discover that you are having dandruff, look for an anti-dandruff shampoo that can help you get rid of it completely. If you see there are no changes, you should consult a dermatologist who will offer better treatment options.


12. Cutting your own hair


Sometimes it can be quite tempting to cut your own hair. But there are some things that should be left for professionals only, including cutting your hair. You can never cut your hair successfully, that’s why you need to avoid it.


Some people usually cut their hair to remove grey hair or just to style it instantly. But whatever your reason for cutting your hair, do not attempt to cut your hair unless you have been trained to do so. Always get your hair cut by a professional who will ensure that proper care and techniques are used to prevent hair damage.


13. Over-styling hair


This is also one of the hair mistakes that can damage your hair. Of course, it is good to style your hair to enhance your look, but remember not to overdo it as it can lead to hair damage and hair fall. The rule of the thumb is to style your hair once a week. Regardless of your hair type, always use a heat protectant before you use any heated styling tool.


The list of hair mistakes to avoid is endless, but this article has highlighted some of the top hair mistakes that should be avoided for one to have healthy hair. Avoid all the mistakes mentioned above, and you will achieve shiny and healthy hair.

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