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The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Buying And Wearing Wigs

Jun 10, 2023

Wigs have become an integral part of our lives these days. On every street you walk, you will see a number of shops selling wigs. The number of online shops selling wigs is also increasing rapidly. This only means that there are plenty of reasons why wigs are becoming this popular.

Wigs can help to conceal hair loss, enhance the wearers beauty, give a natural look, and so many other benefits. We currently live in a world where appearance is given priority. Thats why you need to do everything in your power to enhance your appearance.


One of the best ways you can enhance your appearance is by wearing a high-quality wig. Wigs come in different lengths, volumes, colors and styles to help wearers choose what matches their needs and requirements. However, when it comes to buying and wearing wigs, there are mistakes that people tend to make.


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In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most common mistakes people make when buying and wearing a wig. Keep on reading to explore them.


Most Common Mistakes

Mistake 1: trusting a brand before doing your research


As always, dont believe anything written on a box. There is a lot of mislabeling going on in hair industry. Thats why you need to do your research and know exactly what you are buying before you commit your money. You should never buy a wig simply because it is advertised using terms such as Remy or Virgin. While these terms are used to refer to the highest quality hair on the market, you still need to ensure that it is the best of the best wig.


Mistake 2: Buying the wrong color


If you want to make your wig look as natural as it can, you need to choose color that matches your natural hair. If you choose a color that does not match your hair, you may end up with a wig that looks unnatural.


Mistake 3: Compromising on quality just to get a lower price


This is one of the most common mistakes people make when buying wigs. High-quality hair generally costs more compared to low-quality wigs. In this case, high-quality wigs are wigs made with human hair. These wigs usually cost more because they resemble natural hair and give a more realistic look. They are also long-lasting. There are also synthetic wigs that are made with synthetic fiber. They are cheaper compared to human hair wigs. But they arent durable.


The kind of wig you choose to buy will depend on how much money you have and willing to spend on the wig. If your budget can allow it, then it is best to go for human hair wigs. This way, you will not comprise on quality because human hair wigs are of the highest quality. So when buying wigs, try as much as you can not to go for wigs being sold at extremely low prices. They may be of low-quality. After all, you always get what you pay for.


Mistake 4: Buying the wrong size


This is also another top mistake people make when buying wigs. Wearing the wrong size of wig will not only make your wig look ugly, but it will also make you feel uncomfortable. This is why you need to ensure that you buy the right size of wig.


When buying a wig, you need to take the correct measurements. You can achieve this by taking the tape measure and measuring the circumference of your head. You can then compare the measurements to the cap measurements of the wig you want to buy. If you are buying your wig online, you can check under the features of the wig for measurements. You can then compare with your measurements to see if it is the right fit for you. If you are buying your wig from a local store, you can simply try on the wig to see if it fits perfectly. If it fits, the better, if not, you can look for another one.


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Mistakes People Make When Wearing Wigs


Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when wearing wigs


Mistake 1: Not braiding hair underneath the wig


The key to ensuring that your wig feels secure when you wear starts with how you prepare your hair underneath. Before placing your wig on you head, you should braid your hair in cornrows. Some people dont usually bother with putting braid foundations under the wig cap. They simply put their hair back in a ponytail or bun and put a wig on top of their hair. This is a mistake you should avoid because if your hair is not laying completely flat beneath a wig, it will appear bumpy. This is the last thing you want.


Mistake 2: Failing to wash your hair regularly


Wigs should be cared for just like you would do with your natural hair. Pamper your wig and it will serve you long a long period. It is always advisable to wash your wig after every 10 wears to get rid of oil and dirt buildup. When washing your hair, detangle it first, wash it gently with cold, running water, and remember to apply conditioner too and rinse it. After that, let your wig dry completely.


Mistake 3: Not moisturizing the wig


Wigs arent like hats which you can just wear and go your way. They are also not like your natural hair which produces its oils. So you need to oil, comb, and style them if you want to maintain their vibrancy. If you neglect your wigs, they will not only look ugly but they will tangle easily, reducing their lifespan.


Mistake 4: Failing to bleach and pluck the knots


If you want your wig to appear as natural as it can, you need bleach the knots. Lace wigs are typically created by hand-sewing individual strands to a mesh base, creating tiny knots at the end. When hair used is darker, the knots appear as black dots that are very noticeable, especially where the unit is parted. To conceal them, you can either pluck them or bleach them.  But be careful not to over-pluck them.


Mistake 5: Not putting much effort into styling the wig


Styling your wig is crucial. There is no way they will look fantastic if you dont style them. Moreover, how you style your wig can also make or break how it looks in the end. While your hair may be fake, you still want to convince people that it is growing out of your scalp. So you should style your wig with care and give yourself enough time to style it to your taste so that is appears as natural as possible.


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How To Buy The Right Human Hair Wigs


Now that we have seen some of the mistakes you should avoid when buying and wearing a wig, lets discuss how you can buy the right wig that can enhance your beauty. Here is a guide to help you pick the right wig:


1. Consider your face shape


Before you start shopping for a wig, you need to know the shape of your face. Is it square, round, oval, rectangle, or heart? Certain wigs complement certain face types. Thats why it is important to know your face type before buying a wig.


2. Choose the right cap size


Wigs should fit perfectly. If it is too tight or too loose, you wont feel comfortable and it wont look natural. You can measure the circumference of your head to help you choose the right cap size.


3. Know the material you want


Wigs are generally made of two materials. Thats human hair and synthetic fiber. Each of these materials has its pros. For instance, the best human hair wigs are of high-quality and last longer. The only downside is that it is more expensive. Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, are not high-quality and durable, but they are cheaper compared to human hair wigs.


4. Know which length you want


Wigs come in different lengths, so you need to know which length suits your needs and preferences. It is always advisable to determine your lifestyle when choosing a wig.


5. Pick the right density


Wigs also come in different densities, from 150% to 200%. 200% is the fullest wig. Density basically means how full the wig will be. So if you want fuller wigs, then you need to choose wigs with a higher density.


6. Choose the right color


Wigs come in various colors to help you choose the color that suits your needs. If you are new to wigs, you can choose colors that match your natural hairs color. But as you get used to wigs, you can play around with colors.


After reading this article, do you know how to treat your human hair wigs correctly? Then follow the guide to buy a wig that suits you now!

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