1.The straight human hair weave can be used cold water or warm water to wash, you can use the good shampoo and conditioner.


2.Drying straight human hair is as far as possible not to use a hair dryer, make sure not to use high temperature wind dry! Blowing can only dry with cold air! Apply a dry towel and gently wipe the excess moisture on the human hair and put it back in the ventilated place to prevent damage to the straight human hair.


3.Do not immediately comb the straight human hair weave after washing, we should wait for the human hair drying.


4.In order to make more styling,we can be sprayed in the human hair with the jelly water, hair wax to make styling.


5.Curly hair basically do not use the comb, the volume of each place can be gently combed by hand.


Through the above description, we can pay attention to the above matters in washing hair, then our straight human hair will be used for a long time and looks very beautiful, Beautyforever Hair is a professional virgin human hair manufacturers, for virgin human hair production, care and preservation,have a lot of experience, we will be here to share with you the experience , hoping to get your attention!