The Production Steps of Human Hair Wigs are As Follows:


Human hair wigs consists of three parts, front, back and head.Customers generally require overhead for the elastic network, so that guests can adjust the size according to their own head,and because it is elastic,it will be particularly comfortable to wear.


After the completion of the human hair wigs,they will be hooked on the hair net by the professional staff, hair density according to the requirements of the guests 100%, 120%, 150%, 180% range.After hair hooking a good shape,according to customer requirements,we make model for customers, straight hair,deep wave or body wave and so on.Stereotyping is to form a good wig into a high-temperature oven, adjust the temperature for hair styling, stereotypes. Different curvature needs of the time is not the same,general one hour is OK. Why the curvature of the wig is not easy to deformation it,it is because this process.


Beautyforever Hair production processes are very strict, each step has a professional staff review and acceptance, so we produced the wigs so shiny, flexible, and not easy to deformation and long life, welcome to buy! And we have a lot of Concessions in Thanksgiving!