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V Part Wig VS U Part Wig: What Is The Difference?

Have you been fascinated by the new trend of wearing wigs that have taken the fashion industry by storm? Wearing wigs has become so common now that you almost feel left out for not owning and wearing a wig. Wigs are one of the best investments to make as they make your life so much more convenient and easier. However, with the very popular demand and supply of wigs, there are so many to choose from that it may leave you confused regarding which type of wig should you buy and what will suit your needs the most.

A common area of confusion that people face while buying new wigs is between the two types of wig partings – a U part wig and a V part wig. The following is a guide to both the types of wigs and which are the best human hair wigs for you.




 u part human hair wigs


U part wigs are those which have a hole on the side of the top of the wig in the shape of a U. These are made with pure human hair and do not shed or split. They blend so well with your natural hair and do not require any lace or glue. They are quite breathable, and the wigs come with adjustable straps and clips inside the wig cap, which can help stabilize the wig in place.

These wigs have a U-shaped opening on the top, which allows you to bring out a part of your hair through it and helps blend in your natural hair with the wig hair. It also allows giving your scalp a breathing break and gives an overall comfortable feeling. Since the wig is stitched using combs and climbs, it is highly safe and secure and does not shed. As the clips help secure the U part wig onto your scalp, you need not worry that it would come off or slide off easily. Your real human hair U part wig has the advantage that it can be heat styled, bleached, dyed, straightened, permed, and highlighted as per your requirements, and liking. You can play and experiment with these wigs as much as you want.



U part wigs are not time-consuming to wear, and it hardly takes up three to four minutes of your time. This makes it perfect for everyday use. Due to the opening in the wig, you have direct contact with your natural hair, and you can easily wash or condition your hair. Not only that, but U part wigs also help in reducing hair loss and provide protection to your hairline, especially if your hair is unable to withstand tight weaves. This even enables and contributes greatly to healthy growth, and you are already protecting your hair from the external environment, and these wigs take all the grunt of it. Since these wigs do not require glue, your scalp remains protected from chemicals and the irritation they may cause if you have sensitive skin.



U Part Wig Installation Video




Another name for a V part wig is a thin part wig. The top of these wigs has a V-shaped opening, and it is a modified half wig. The V shape opening helps give a very natural hairline look. These do not come with any lace and do not require gels or glues at all. The best part about them is that they blend with your natural hairline quite perfectly that nobody will be able to tell apart from your hair from the wig's hair. The wig will always look blended and match your hair roots. As no stocking cap is needed with this, V-shaped wigs are the best to wear every day, and installing and removing them does not require any kind of skill.


 V part body wave human hair wigs


There are so many advantages to owning a V part wig. Firstly, as highlighted above, these are so easy to wear that it hardly takes up any time to install them. Not only that, but you can quickly change the style of your hair as they glide on and come off so smoothly and swiftly. Another great part about these wigs is that there is a v part left out which allows your hair to be able to breathe, and you can access your hair easily, to care for them. This also allows your natural hair growth to run its course.

These v part human hair wigs are made using machines and are a lot more affordable in comparison to lace wigs. The most loved feature of these wigs is that they are highly flexible when it comes to creating new hairstyles, with the use of clips, hairbands, and so on. This makes them the best for beginners and even for people who are pros at wearing wigs.




The major difference is the obvious one – one has a U-shaped opening, while the other has a V-shaped opening. With a V-shaped hair wig, you do not have to pull out much of your own hair and the space is narrower in comparison to a U-shaped opening. When installing a U-part wig, you will need to cut the band first and then use it. However, there is no such need for a V part wig as there is no band, to begin with.


 u part wig vs v part wig


The advantage that U part wigs have over V part wigs is that since you get to pull out a larger section of your hair, it can offer a more natural-looking finish. In the case where you do not have a strong frontal natural hair section, V part wigs provide less need to take your own hair out, and this works in your favor greatly. V parts help conceal the disadvantages that you may have on the top of your head, especially if you have weak, thin hair. They also help transform your entire hair look into ahead with fuller, thicker hair. U part wigs are better for people who have good hair at the front but face temporal thinning or got weaker hair on the sides. Therefore, it depends on what you really need at the end of the day for your head.

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