The process of brazilian body wave can be divided into four grades.

Mechanism is the chemical fiber hair on the market commonly used technology, low cost. Hand-woven + mechanism Usually chemical fiber and real human hair are useful in this process, the hair spin is more realistic. Semi-hand weaving process is usually made by remy human hair production,breathable and realistic,which is suitable for long-term wearing.All hand-woven wig is usually the most high-end production process, It is characterized by wearing a very light, hair can take care easily, permeability and fidelity is the best.


Brazilian body weave quality can be divided into three grades.

The lowest is the chemical fiber hair, including low-temperature silk, high temperature silk, protein silk, flame-retardant wire. Then is the real human hair, human hair is also sub-grade, it can be divided into ordinary human hair, Remy Human hair and virgin human hair. Ordinary human hair removed hair cuticle, reversed the order of the hair, usually after dyeing the color, not suitable for re-dyeing; Remy human hair removed the hair cuticle, hair order, hair root and hair tips consistent, can dye and perm, the hair feel smooth. Virgin human hair is not dyed hair, hair roots and hair tips consistent, you can dye and perm, hair feel first-class, it can be used three to five years, which is still smooth.


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