Wigs for black women is very popular, almost every woman has a wig. They know what is human hair weaves, what is lace closure, and what is lace frontal. But some of them are confused about what are pre-plucked human hair wigs? Today we will give you details about what is a pre-plucked wig?


A pre-plucked wig is a style of a wig which means your hairpiece comes with a natural hairline where the baby hairs are already plucked. People who buy the wigs, they are afraid that their hair is not natural, how to solve this problem, we think it is every woman’s problem. So some manufacturers make the hair with pre-plucked hairline which makes the hair more natural. Usually, the wigs you purchase are the same on the density, so when you sew in the hair, you need to trim the forehead hair to make the hair like our own hair. If the hairs on the hairline have not been plucked, that’s an exact color of hairpieces is to replace and imitate your locks perfectly - from the hair itself, hairline, texture, color, and style. If you use human virgin hair, this is the rules you should follow.


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If the wigs you purchase are plucked, it means the density at the edge of your forehead is much lower which similar to your real hair. You can take some strands of your own hair, you will find hairs are an unequal length and there are some short baby hairs around your hairline. Like our own hair, you know they are growing constantly, so they are not the same length. The hair master completes the whole wig, they will choose the different length of hair to make the hairline and baby hair, when you use it, it will just like your own hair. That’s the final purpose for all the people who wear a human hair wig, they don’t want others to find that they wear wigs. Pre-plucked wigs are more expensive than other common wigs, they are simply superior in appearance to all others.


After what we introduce about pre-plucked wigs, you will know what is a pre-plucked wig. If you found your wig is not pre-plucked, please don’t worry. You can make it yourself and save some money. It is very easy for you to pluck your wig, and it is not a problem for a person who wears a wig to make it. We will show you some tips and tricks to make your hairpiece which lets your hair wig look more realistic and natural.


How to pluck your wig


Preparation: a wig, a wig stand, pins, scissors, and tweezers.


Check the wig if it fits.

Too small or too large, you need contact with the seller and change it. Normally the wig has a strap that can adjust the length of the cap.


Wash and dry the wig

When the wig is fit for your head and everything is good, you can wash it completely. After washing it, you can put it on the stand and wait for the hair dry.


Using pins on the lace to pin it down.

Please make sure the lace pin on the Styrofoam tightly.


Plucking your wig

Check your wig hairline, you will find the hair is the same density at forehead which you don’t want to see it. You can start to pluck some hair from one side and then to the other. Please make sure to use good quality tweezers and be careful. Don’t pluck too many hairs one time, you had better pluck a little bit first, then check how does it look. If you think the hairline not as natural as yourself, you can make adjust and repeat this step.


Avoid a straight line of hair at the hairline

If the hairline you make is straight which looks very fake. So you can check the real hairline and make it as the real one.


Part your wig

Like our own hair, you can part it any side as you like. There is a middle part and sideway part. After you part your wig, you can use hair flat iron to make the hair flat.


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We have many styles of wigs, long human hair wigs, and short human hair wigs. Lace front wigs, full lace wigs, and lace wigs. Body wave hair wigs, straight wave hair wigs, and curly hair wigs. Short curly quick weave bob wigs and long curly hair wigs are most popular in the market. Please don’t miss the chance to lose your beauty.


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