Not wash your hair. Some women decide not to wash their hair or hair weaves because they are afraid of messing up the weave or causing it not to last a long time. This is an groundless concern if you wear high-quality hair weaves, because great hair washing and wearing as well as hair growth from your scalp. So keep your natural hair clean and create a better environment for its growth and eliminate the build-up from your weave to make it look better.

Not conditioning your hair. Your hair needs the same thing when wearing the hair weaves when it is loose. Moisture, protein, lubrication and other nourishing properties are provided by the conditioner. Once again, if you are wearing high quality hair weaves, a good conditioning will restore them as new, and your natural hair will also stay healthy.

Constant heat. When you pursue the perfect "“blend”" of your your human hair weave with your leave out hair, try to use the heatless method. A couple of magnetic rollers can be used for straightening and smoothing or rod crimping. Using flat or curled iron can cause damage to that area, resulting in breakage.

Not moisture. While your hair's natural sebum is still in your hair, which helps you to keep moisture, you should still occasionally nourish your hair by spraying true orbits between your tracks.

Leave it too long. Sew-in human hair weaves should be maintained up to 10-12 weeks - and this is the maximum! More curly hair may need to be removed more quickly, such as around 8 weeks. Most often people allow the hair weaves to tell them when it is ready to be removed, waiting for it to look "bad". The truth is, if you're wearing great hair, the weft is sewn securely and will not look bad! So in order to prevent your hair from dulling, remove the weave in twelve weeks or less.

Too tension. Knitting your hair too tightly can cause so much stress on your hair strands that will cause it to break. Yes, you want it to be safe, but if you see your scalp being pulled, folded or starting to appear in tiny bumps, the knitting is too tight. In addition, sewing weft too tight can cause damage.

Like I said the weave is an awesome way to protect your hair, changing your look and letting your hair grow, but only when you properly care for it. The biggest mistake people make is to buy into "it's my hair because I bought it". Yes, the hair wave belong to you, but at some point you want to remove them and you will want your real hair still attached to your head when you do!