Best Longevity

Freetress Water Wave Hair

The reason I choose Freetress water wave is that it has the best longevity. This texture is your tropical getaway in the form of loose, carefree curly bundles. With Freetress Water Wave, the longer I keep the hair installed, the better it looks.


Natural and Nice Hair Ends
Beauty Forever Water Wave Bundles
It gives more fullness in the root and tapers/ gets thinner towards the ends for a more natural or realistic effect. Hair is usually thick in the roots naturally. Otherwise, it would be too full at the ends. Also, the ends of Beauty Forever water wave bundles also looks beautiful, and gives a natural and thick looks.


Good Quality and Beautiful Hair
BeautyForever Freetress Water Wave Hair
I strong recommend BeautyForever Freetress water wave hair. This hair type give your a very beautiful wavy pattern and use 100% virgin remy hair. This hair is perfect for adding hair volume and give a fresh look of your appearance.


Some Thing You Need To Know When Choosing Freetress Water Wave


How to Choose-Color

Beauty Forever Water Wave Hair
I try to always install hair that matches my natural hair color because when all my new growth starts come in it blends with the installed hair and it is hard to tell the difference between the two. The Water wave hair of BeautyForever is 100% virgin hair, you can color it or style it to your desired look. It is also a great hair that looks great even through my 4-5 days of working out. 


Choosing Right Length 

Freetress Water Wave

It is very important to get correct length of Freetress water wave hair for your appealing appearance. So we recommend you take a look at yourself and to measure the exactly length of hair you need, make sure the hair length of Freetress water wave works for your height, face shape.


We Recommend Buy Hair In Bundle Deals

Freetress Water Wave Bundle Deals

As premium quality virgin hair is relatively expensive, some women prefer to buy Freetress water wave hair weave in small amount. However, buy hair in small pieces is not a clever strategy as you think. Buying hair in bundle deals is a more up-front investment that results in long-term savings. You can compare the price of hair in 3/4 bundle deals to the price of single bundle, you will find that you can save more money if you purchasing hair in bundle deals.


This hair is really very thick, give lots of volume. Water wave hair give a very luscious, gorgeous look. With this water wave type of hair, it came out really nice! I use 3 bundles Freetress water wave, and it cames out well and looks full. The more packs you use, the bigger and more fuller it looks.


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