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Benefits Of Human Hair Wigs:


1. Hair Loss: If you are having a regular hair loss due to any reason, having human hair wigs can be a good investment for you. If you use natural human hair wigs, it can last you for a long time as well. If you get it from a good clinic, you can get a good quality one as well.


2. Tailored For Your Hair: Human hair wigs have varieties to suit you and can be customized for your scalp size and head as well so that it fits on your head perfectly. This will ensure that the hair wig you wear is not only safe but also secure. You can also pursue your day today life without having to worry about your hair and it accidentally falling off.


3. Versatile Styling: Unlike what is usually believed, hair wigs don’t just come in a style. They are supplied uncut and when the user mentions their style, it is cut out for them by the specialists. You can wear them half up half down weave, or half up half down sew-in. You can also wear them with a half up half down quick weave. When you wear a hair wig, you can shampoo them, swim with them or just do everything that you are used to doing with your natural hair. Just ensure you get it from a good consultant who can guide you on how to use the hair wig and following their suggestions as well as guidelines.


4. Confidence Building: One of the most important benefits of using a human hair wig is obviously that it builds your confidence levels. It can give you close to reality experience and make you feel good as well due to that. This means that your friends and even family may never know that you are wearing a hair wig and it can boost up your self-esteem well. Once you start wearing a wig, you may never look back!


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How To Wear Human Hair Wigs?


Human hair could be a bit more expensive than synthetic hair and requires a bit of care while using and styling them as well. Whether you have bought it for a special occasion or regular use, you must plan on styling them a bit before using it. If you take care of them well, they can last you for years.


You will need a few items to help you style them well such as a paddle brush or a wide-toothed comb, a round brush, shampoo and conditioner that are regular or specially meant for human hair wigs, a blow dryer, towel, a wig stand to dry the wig or any other right shaped item, a canvas wig head or foam to style, t-pins, any styling products like hairspray and heat-protecting spray, as well as styling tools like curling wand or a hair straightener.


1. Detangle The Human Hair Wigs: First thing you must do when you get your human hair wig is to use a paddle brush or a wide-toothed comb and detangle the hair strands to make them come loose and easy.


2. Wash The Human Hair Wigs: Now wash it with a shampoo either for a wig or regular and lukewarm water. Rub it downwards from the roots and ensure the inside of the cap is cleaned well. Then apply a conditioner except on the roots and leave it for a few minutes. Then rinse them well and dry with a towel. Don’t wring it as it can tangle the hair strands. In case your wig has a top feature or a monofilament part, part it with the wide-toothed comb and leave it to dry. You may need to blow dry them at least halfway before styling. Afterward, you can apply the styling products like a detangler, hair oil, or a heat protecting spray.


3. Use Heat Styling Tools: When you have taken off your wig, you should be able to use any of the heat styling tools to style them. Don’t use these tools while you still have the wig on, though as you can cause harm to yourself. Here are some simple steps to style your human hair wigs:


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A: First T-pin the wig to either a foam or a canvas block head as this will ensure you can see the wig from all angles, and it is also secure for styling


B: When you are blow-drying after it is reached halfway through, start to use a round brush and do it till it is completely dried. Using this brush will give you more control and help in smoothening the hair. Completely dry the hair before taking the next step.


C: If you wish to straighten your hair completely, with a half up half down weave, half up half down sew or half up half down quick weave you can use a flat iron and do it inch by inch from the root. Focus on the front hairpieces as they will fall on your face. Don’t overheat the strands as they can burn. Then follow with hairspray to style.


D: If you want to curl your human hair wigs strands, while doing a half up half down weave, half up half down sew or half up half down quick weave, wrap the piece you want to curl around the curling wand and hold it for 8-12 seconds. Don’t overheat. Leave the curled hair in your hand slowly and let it cool down. This will ensure that the curled hair is held in their position. Do this one by one for each section and you are ready! Finish with a hair spray.


You can use these tips for styling daily but use leave-in conditioner spray as well as a heat-protecting spray before using them. Also, ensure the human hair wig is washed every week.