It’s virgin hair

What this means is Indian virgin hair is most likely to be the closest thing you can find to your own natural hair: it will look, feel and behave most like yours. Also, if you take care of your extensions just like you would take care of your own hair the extensions will last – and look amazing – for a very, very long time. If you want your extensions to look like your own hair then this is the best option for you because Indian hair is the most likely to blend in with your own hair and not actually look like extensions.


It’s really unique

Indian hair is thick and glossy, which makes it much more durable than most other kinds of hair. It also is great for applications where a weaving technique is used because of its natural texture and dark color. Indian hair is also incredibly flexible: you can style it however you want and it won’t lose any of its natural beauty. What’s more is that because of its naturally dark color it works well to blend in with your natural hair. Visit to choose your hair: Indian Remy Hair Extensions


They are like your own hair

Indian hair comes in a variety of textures and you can do anything to these hair extensions that you would do to your own hair: blow dry, style, cut, whatever you want. Since this is real human hair, you can heat style your extensions and they will hold the look without being damaged like their synthetic counterparts would be. Of course, as with your own hair, you need to make sure you are treating them properly and conditioning regularly. As long as they are well cared your hair extensions can last for many years.


It’s easy to care for

When it comes to maintenance and care of Indian hair there isn’t much difference between it and how you would care for your own hair. You will need to brush it frequently, especially if you use hair products like hair spray, gel, mousse, etc. Hair products will eventually build up on your hair, so it’s reasonable that it would also build up on these extensions so you need to make sure you take care so avoid that build up.


Beautyforever Indian Real Hair Extensions is the best virgin hair, the Indian hair type is incredibly flexible, which can blends very well with your natural hair. Real Indian hair are just like your won hair and it is easy to care for. Beautyforever only offers the best quality real human hair for our customers. Beautyforever gives straight, body wave, curly, wavy hair styles of Indian hair for your forever beauty.