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You May Be Concern About Some Hot Issues With Weave Hair

Once upon a time there was an era when no one dared to experiment with their hairs, apart from some celebrities of course, let alone use the weave hair. At that time weaves were not affordable to common women and could not be easily found on top page of the magazine. But those days were gone.

But today very common women are able to style their hair with different styles using wigs; weaves etc. still there are several questions that pop into the mind of the human hair weave user every time they install a weave. Although the style is a major concern for today’s youth they are very much concerned about the safety of their hair also. Therefore we have tried to take out some hot issues that arise in the mind of every user and tried to answer them. A few of the questions are as follow:


* Is your hair worth styling?

* Does the Quality of hair matter for wearing weaves?

* Is there a need for shampoo and conditioner?

* Are there any chances that Human hair weave will damage natural hair?

* Human hair weaves durable?

* Is it possible to dye the human hair weave?

* What are the reasons for hair loss and methods to fix it?


Is your hair worth styling?


If your answer is yes then we are sorry many people differ from you. A large portion of the population denies the term. They believe that it depends largely on the age factor. A woman of 45 years should less likely experiment with her hairs or wear human hair weaves as compared to the girl of 25 years who is able to style like jerry curl or different weave hairstyles.


In today’s current scenario it cannot be denied that irrespective of age most of the aged woman whether aged or young is fearlessly experiment with the hair to look youthful and beautiful respectively. In today’s fast life most women are not able to take out time for their hair care routine and hence they preferred to install human hair weave.


curly human hair weave

Does the Quality of hair matter for wearing weaves?


One of the prime reasons behind wearing weaves is to protect the hair underneath. Therefore whenever we are dealing with weaves it of utmost importance to use a very good quality of hair which will resemble the natural hairs. Plus they are expected to last longer likely 6 months or more up to year. If poor quality hairs are used they initially look and feel shiny and soft. But after washing off silicon coating they get tangled. It is always advisable to invest money in a very good quality wig because a cheap quality wig might be cost-effective but they require large amount of money for maintenance. So, it is advisable to spend money on a good quality wig rather than spends it on maintenance. The same thing can be said about the wig care product. Do not purchase a poor quality hair care product; always purchase standard quality hair/wig care products.


Is there a need for shampoo and conditioner?


The selection of appropriate shampoo will depend upon the scalp condition that is it oily, dandruff or shampoo. The wig cap or scalp can be washed by shampoo. The care must be taken to form foam while rising otherwise wash again. Avoid washing hair bundles with closures and don’t forget to apply conditioner after rinsing, especially for long hairs. Conditioner will detangle the hairs and prevent them from breaking.


The simple process of washing hairs involves just wetting them with water and applies a thin layer of shampoo on the straight hair. Do not rub the hairs. Then wash the shampoo completely from hair. Pat dry the hair using dry towel, do not stretch hair.


The last step of shampooing must be conditioning to smoothen the harshness imparted by shampoo. A nice conditioner helps to impart shine and make them tangle-free while combing. Tangled hair result in breaking while combing them therefore it is important to apply conditioner while after shampooing.


Are there any chances that Human hair weave will damage natural hair?


Many women think that weave hair may damage natural hair. But it is assured that if installed properly and taken care of they are not likely to damage your hair. Although most of the weaves are easy to install, still some sort of expertise is always needed to install them. If installed by an under-trained person in improper manner they will not last long. Plus such weaves will not fit properly and have a risk to fall out in public. The most danger of improperly installing weaves is that in case of sew-in weaves they pose a great risk stretching of hair and braking of hair with damage or injury to roots of original hairs. Therefore it is very necessary to get your weaves install by professionals. A simple visit to salon for installation won’t be that time-consuming and is cost-effective also.


Human hair weaves durable?


The durability of hair solely depends upon the quality of the weave extension you are using. A 100% cuticle intact human hair must be used. If maintained in good condition the weaves can last up to 8-10 weeks or 1 year or longer. Buying a good and quality hair wig is an ultimate investment and you will never disappoint after buying them.


There are some prerequisites for wigs care. If taking good care a human hair weave can be a real transformer for your hair. There are simple tips for keeping your human hair weave.


Like always hang your weave on wigs stand when not in use.

 Periodically and as when require wash your wig with a gentle and good shampoo.

 Apply conditioner after shampooing.

 Use a wide-toothed comb, preferably make them tangle-free using your fingertips gently.

 Try to avoid using heating instruments for styling your hairs.

♥ Avoid bleaching of human hair weave.

 Cover your wig hairs with a scarf to prevent them from tangling while sleeping.


 straight human hair weave styles


Is it possible to dye the human hair weave?


Of course. You can dye your human hair weave. But it is recommended not to bleach them with harsh chemicals. This step of bleaching may cause drying and dryness in your weave hair. This can cause the breaking and removal of weave hair from the cap.


Hair dyeing especially highlighting of hair even human hair wigs is a common pattern of styling observed especially in youth. The human hair weave is safe to dye or highlight but care is to be taken not to expose them to too much too harsh chemicals used in the process of bleaching. Bleaching of weave hair makes them extremely dry and becomes the reason for the breaking of hair strands.


What are the reasons for hair loss and methods to fix it?


One of the major reasons for hair loss is humidity which most of the time leads to hair fall. Hair strands can get damaged by frequent coloring. Another major impactful factor for hair loss is Pollution. It is the silent killer for your healthy human hair weave. Apart from these factors tangling of hair also contribute to hair fall. Shampooing of human hair weave successfully cleanses hair dirt still a good conditioner is required to provide nourishment to your weave hair. Its regular use solves the majority of hair problems.


When you are in much contact to damp and humid climate makes it habit to clean your hair with a good shampoo to remove all dirt and sweat from them. Otherwise, this will lead to fungus growth. Try to use natural and ammonia-free colors to prevent hair loss from coloring. You can switch from complete hair coloring to highlighting of few strands to prevent this. The traffic and environmental factors contributing to pollution indirectly affects your hair and degrades them in quality very slowly. Therefore it advisable to cover your hair with a good scarf to avoid settling of particles from the air to hair follicles. Use a shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and nourish your hair and keep them safe from pollution. Human hair weaves are suitable for everyone let it be a young girl or a middle-aged woman.


So, in this article, we have made an attempt to clear all your concerns and issues related to human hair weave. Although Human hair weaves are a great way to style your hair but they require regular up keeping to provide you a fresh and youthful look. If not maintained properly they you might face some hair issues related to them. With great ease to hair styling human hair weaves are durable and can be used for a long time. If taken care of properly and saved from some hazardous factors these weaves serve as a great way to keep you ever ready for any event of life. So, go enjoy your great looks.


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