All of you need not to worry about search and wonder for the guidance regarding how to take care for your hair and prevent it from damage in winter season, here we are, for your help every time. You will get all the guidance and all the support from our side. We have put together our all-time useful hair care tips and tricks so you can achieve healthy hair in winter season also.


Here, we are going to have a look for care tips of a headband wig, womens wigs and curly wigs specially. In general, you can also follow these tips and tricks for all types of wigs. So, let's get started.




1. Keep it deep conditioned


In the winter season real hair wigs or headband wig dries out very fast as there is no moisture to protect. So, better solution for this is to condition the hair wigs deeply. There were some rumors about the conditioners that due to use of its hair roots flatten and conditioners keep the hairs from holding curls and make them straight. And so many rumors were going on but not a single statement was correct. The use of conditioner is very important but it should be used carefully. It protects your wig hairs from cool weather and do not make the hairs dry. Deep conditioning provides protection from fizziness, dryness, strand breakage. Conditioner makes the hairs soft, lustrous and shiny, as it provides moisture to the hair.


human hair headband wig


After shampoo, conditioner should be applied. Apply this mask and keep it overnight. The mask will provide moisture and coat the layer of protection to every strand of hair. Natural hair, means human head hair, secretes the oil as natural miniaturization throughout the day, on the other wigs do not have such property hence conditioning is the best solution for it and just have to do it.


2. Air drying of the hairs before freeze dry


In winter season, you need to stop the use of styling tools for wigs like rollers, curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers. Due to vast use of it, hairs become fragile and sucks all of the moisture from the hairs and hairs becomes fragile and looks like damaged hairs. Hence rather than using the hairdryer you should let your wig hairs air dry especially in winter season. Just you have to make sure that wig is completely dry before wearing it and going out.


If your hair wig is little bit damp when you go outside, It can freeze. Cool temperatures freeze the wigs faster than natural hairs, which will cause your wig hair brittle and damaged. Let's have look how to air dry wigs


Step 1: Before going to bed, shampoo and condition your wig.


Step 2: Pat your wig very gently with a soft towel but it should not rub.


Step 3: Shape and style your wig into your desired look.


Step 4: Leave your wig air-dry overnight. You should wash your hair wig at night only it will give you chances to air dry in overnight.


3. Cover your wigs


Winter weather is not enough good for hair health. It doesnt play nice and it will not go easy on your wig. It will still go dry out. You should have to cover the scarf to protect it from weather conditions. And at night you have to cover the wigs with satin scarf, this will hold your wigs moisture.


4. Protective styling


Protective styling is also a great aid when trying to optimize your winter hair routine. It will help shield your hair from elements and reduces the use of styling tools.


5. Make a wash routine


Over-washing is not good for hair wigs as will also make wig hairs very dry. Hence it is very much important to make wash routine. How often you wash your hair is a personal thing and it requires some trial and errors method. If you feel drying of hairs after thrice washing in a week then try to extend the time between your washes and go for 2 or one only in a week.


6. Buy human hair wig is best option for winter


It might feel heavy budget to buy a human hair wig only for a winter season but it actually saves your money in long run. Human hairs are likely less breakable than synthetic hairs. You will need to replace them every time. The best place to buy wigs online store.


Special winter hair care tips for curly hair wigs


To maintain and care curly wigs is very much difficult task for all of you. Specially in winter season. In daily routine it feels Burdon to manage the hairs, in winter it feels fear of losing the hairs for lack of knowledge of some tips to care about it. So, tension not all of you. We always help you for every problem. So, let's get started about the maintenance tips and tricks.


headband bob wigs human hair 


1. Moisturise and sealing


Do not get panic in this season to take care of your curly hair wigs. Colder conditions have adverse effects on hairs that hurt your hair the most. You need not go to hyper, this can be overcome by using the moisturizing product like leave-in conditioners and daily moisturizers. And one more concept, that is a quality of oil can be used to seal the moisturizer. Different types of standard oils like, Jojoba oil, Argan oil, sweet almond oils are used for sealing purposes.


If you feel little bit of dryness and looking for a preventive measure, then you should apply the few drops of oil at the end of your hair each day. This will help revitalize your hairs and prevent the breaking as well as leaving soft and shiny.


2. Controlling heat or Limit heat


No doubt, that heat styling is the major culprit for damaged or dry hairs. When your hair is already damaged and you are applying direct heat to getup style, it directly sucks the heat from hairs and removes moisture from the hairs so becomes fragile and dry results in damaged and fragile hairs. Leave your curls as it is, at least in winter season to prevent its dryness.


3. Carry a wide-tooth comb


You should always have to carry a wide-tooth comb in your purse to comb your hairs very smoothly. It's not uncommon for a headband or hat to snag on few pieces of winter hair.


4. Co-washing


Co-washing means washing with a specially formulated cream cleanser which helps to remove build-up with harsh paraben and sulfates which is commonly found in all types of shampoos. Co-washing is very milder than the shampoo because this can be frequently used without any risk. It provides the moisture to the hair and its mild cleansing agent removes dirt and grease.


5. Maintain your wig properly


You should store or keep your wig neatly and properly. Should be covered with scarf or warm or gentle material to limit exposure. When you sleep, you should remove wigs and cover it with satin scarf to keep moisture and also avoid knots and tangles try to cover it with hats or any wool materials to prevent breakage and damage.


Its all about the winter hair care for wigs especially for curly hair wigs, headband wig and all types of women wigs. Though winter care for hair seems complicated but it does revolve around one thing and that is moisture. Keeping moisture balanced in hair wigs ensures your hairs well-nourished and moisturized which is the key to healthy and happy hair. Also, you should limit your heat for styling purposes. Use standard quality of hair oils mentioned above. Cover your wigs with scarf and at night with satin scarf to retain moisture.


We hope all of the caring tips are useful for your exclusive winter hair care and it would be greatly useful for all of you. For purchasing of human wigs with different varieties, you can visit our website You will defiantly get what you actually want.